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Modern schooling: factories for producing worker bees

School kidsWatching and participating in my children’s education is a fascinating experience. What stands out more than anything else is the level of homework they are required to do on a regular basis and the amount of discipline required in avoiding penalties.

In the minds of a nine and seven year old children, ‘discipline’, however, equals ‘restrict creativity’ and ‘control your excitement’. So it got me thinking: why does the British education system curtail children’s creativity, enthusiasm and their desire to be happy? Here’s what I discovered.

Although education systems have been around since ancient times  as communities desired to pass on their own values, culture, religion and skills to the next generation. During the Early Middle Ages, the monasteries of the Catholic Church were the providers of education.

Women’s education in Europe was severely restricted until the nineteenth century. The education system in England has been reformed many times, including the introduction of the current national curriculum by the New Labour government. 

However, the modern education as it stands across the world is controversial, to say the least. It’s based on the Prussian education system  and is the foundation of modern education across the world. The Prussian system instituted compulsory attendance, specific training for teachers, national testing for all students (used to classify children for potential job training), national curriculum set for each grade, and mandatory kindergarten.

Seeking to replace the controlling functions of the local aristocracy, the Prussian court attempted to instill social obedience in the citizens through Bismarckindoctrination. Every individual had to become convinced, in the core of his being, that the King was just, his decisions always right, and the need for obedience paramount.

The schools imposed an official language to the prejudice of ethnic groups living in Prussia. The purpose of the system was to instill loyalty to the Crown and to train young men for the military and the bureaucracy.

The Prussian education system now proliferate the entire global education system. When one gets to grips with these origins, the real truth and intentions behind those controlling the education systems begin to unfold.

The German philosopher, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, a key influence on the system, summaries the intention of the Prussian education system very aptly:

“The schools must fashion the person, and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish him to will.”

Our current education system, no matter where we are in the world, has been designed to create worker bees that have neither courage nor conviction to question anything. Creativity is stifled from a tender age and mediocrity and subservience is expected from the masses.

This mindset is expected to be carried and is carried into the workplace. Very few question the motives of manages and employers at the work place in fear of humiliation or, worse, being fired. Those that do quite often do become queen bees.

If I wish for my children to excel as human beings, then it is incumbent on me to find alternative sources of education that raises their consciousness instead of restricting it.

How about your children? What do you think they would want to be when they grow up? A worker bee or a queen bee?

Harun Rabbani


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The Genie in your Genes, Dawson Church PhD

Genie in Your Genes Galley Cover V2 CMYKThe Genie in Your Genes

Author Dawson Church applies the insights of the new field of Epigenetics (epi=above, i.e. control above the level of the gene) to healing. Citing hundreds of scientific studies, he shows how beliefs and emotions can trigger the expression of DNA strands. He focuses on a class of genes called Immediate Early Genes or IEGs. These genes turn on within a few seconds of a stimulus. They can be triggered by thoughts or emotions (‘I loved that unexpected gift of roses Bill gave me’ or ‘I’m so mad about what Uncle John said at the Christmas party’).

Many IEGs are regulatory genes turn on other genes that affect specific aspects of our immune system, such as the production of white blood cells that destroy attacking bacteria and viruses. Epigenetics thus influences our health every day. He coins the new term ‘Epigenetic Medicine’ to describe healing techniques with epigenetic effects. He also summarises the science behind the infant fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine, both of which offer promising epigenetic medical therapies.

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Social media meets affiliate marketing


Just over two years ago a friend of mine arrived in the UK with nothing more than a suitcase and a credit card. He wasn’t a friend at the time, in fact he knew less than 3 people in the whole of the UK!

Today he is one of the most talked about young entrepreneurs I know of.

The reason people talk is because he built a succesful company without taking out any ads in the paper, he used no radio, no fliers and no television. In fact, he built a national business without any hard cost marketing at all.

He used two very powerful tools:
1. He pioneered some cutting edge affiliate marketing systems
2. He became an expert in Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Online Networking, Etc).

With these two tools he was able to scale up very quickly. What’s more, he did this before the trend really got going… as it is right now!

This year, is the year where YOUR clients are spending more time online than ever before. YOUR clients want to read about you on blogs, they want to hear about you through podcasts, they want to see your videos, they want to connect with you on Facebook and follow your Twitter.

If your not doing these things you are missing serious opportunities and you are behind the times.

If you are already doing these things then I can assure you that you could still learn some great strategies from Daniel Priestley.

I strongly suggest you attend this half day training with Daniel Priestley and get your business moving online:

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The Human Upgrade, Naomi Sesay

Human UpgradeI am truly excited to recommend The Human Upgrade: The Power to Create Your Future by someone who I have worked closely with. If you’re looking to transcend the world of the Ego and get deeply into the world of high consciousness, then this is a must-read. Naomi Sesay is a practitioner in the world of personal evolvement and has brought her her first-hand experiences in the area of consciousness to the masses through this book.

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The Biology of Belief, Dr Bruce Lipton

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

Biology of BeliefThe book takes the reader on an exciting journey of discovery and revelation, challenging long-held beliefs on certain aspects of Biology and Physics, to arrive at a radically new and different explanations for how our DNA – and ultimately our very being – happen to be. Amongst the books I’ve read in recent years, I would recommend several. However, only a handful of books need be in your library collection. The Biology of Belief is one such book. Don’t just buy this book. Read it…then read it again…and again!

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Native American Elders Speaking on Prophecies

sitting bullSince the dawn of time, sages, healers, messengers and prophets appeared in all cultures of the world. Many of the messages have been surprisingly similar.

In this video, you’ll hear some profound wisdom from the elders of Native Americans, the indigenous people of North America. They talk about the responsibility we have. Click the links below to see the individual sections.

Part one, part two, part three, part four, part five



Harun Rabbani

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Your genes do not control your biology

Bruce LiptonThe conventional way biology is taught at schools is that your genes control your life. Since your genes have been handed down from your parents, you would be forgiven for having a mindset of victimhood.

In other words, your destiny is already laid out for you and there is nothing you can do about it. Hell, no! I, for one, refuse to fall victim to circumstance and prefer to decide my own destiny despite the conditioning I’ve received from family, culture, peer group or institutonal pressure to conform.

In this video, Dr Bruce Lipton, tells you exactly how it is. Your genes do not control your biology! That being the case, then we are left with the question ‘what does?’

Watch this video to find out more.

Harun Rabbani

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