New fangled ways of ‘curbing suicides’

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According to the World Health Organisation, one million people take their own lives every year. The reasons are many and the numbers are overwhelming.

In a bid to tackle this problem, scientists have carried out a research in Japan that showed that adding 0.7 to 59 micrograms of lithium per litre of tap water has a ‘positive effect’ on curbing suicide tendencies. Currently high dosages of lithium are already used for people with serious mood disorders.

However, the whole concept of adding an ‘unnatural’ chemical into the body begs the question if the public wish even more chemicals added to their tap water?

The public were told of the dental benefits from the addition of fluoride to water even though fluoride has widely reported side effects. The key effect of fluoride is its ability to ‘dumb’ people down. In a number of US penitentiaries, fluoride is used to reduce the energy (hyperactivity) levels of inmates by adding the chemical to the water.

Indeed suicide may be as a result of chemical imbalances in certain people susceptible to severe mood disorders. However, in the majority of cases, people are committing suicide due to  something completely unrelated. We all have conditions that I call ‘old programs’ (mental conditioning) that leaves some people feeling that death is better than life. The old program is a result of a lifetime of religious and cultural conditioning, peer group pressure, emotional addictions and much more.

However, you are not your program. When the program is not working, the solution is not to try to fix the hardware by throwing in a variety of chemicals (of which not all side effects are known). 

The solution is to updat the old program itself. This means a shift in your belief system. This may be a little hard to swallow on first glance but think about it. Isn’t having suicidal tendencies a big hint that your existing level of thinking (paradigm) is not serving you? It is time to upgrade your Self…

to be continued….

Harun Rabbani


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