British Government introduces National ID Card by Stealth

May 6, 2009 at 23:11 Leave a comment

Harun RabbaniAt first, there was tax by stealth as the government found more creative ways to separate the British public from their hard-earned cash. Now, they are introducing the national ID card by stealth.

This is a major milestone in British history as this much maligned scheme is another step in eroding our civil liberties and ultimately, our freedom. The government are using tried and tested political methods to dupe the public into accepting the national ID card.

This is a strategy used by many political factions in order to manipulate the public they’re supposed to be serving to agree to draconian policies. The first phase is to whip up fear in the public mood by referring to high profile events.

The easiest option in the US and UK in particular is to use the threat of terrorism as a fear-based tool. The fact remains that more people in the UK are killed from alcohol-related diseases or car accidents than any form of terrorism. According to the World Health Organisation, 100,000 people died in the US from legally prescribed pharmaceutical drugs every year, yet little or no attention is given to this in the mass media.

On the other hand, the full force of the mass media is used to inform the public about imminent terrorist ‘threats’  . Clearly, there is something wrong with this picture.

So what is the real motivation behind the national ID card? Will it really reduce terrorist threats to the UK? Wouldn’t it be the case that an individual, who is cunning enough to create mass murder, probably has the means to fake an ID card? Probably.

Would it reduce the crime rates? Given that much of today’s crime is drug-related and is part of organised crime. If you wish to remove such crime, then you need resources going into tackling the crime directly. Carrying a national ID card will do little to track down the kingpins.

The argument for national ID cards is fallacious at best. In the current economic climate, opposition parties are outright rejecting the policy. The Scottish Executive  has already thrown this proposal out. Nobody can justify spending £5b on a policy that ultimately would lead to a neo-Orwellian society being created in Britain, one of the former beacons of civil liberty and freedom.

Unless the public reject the national ID card outright by refusing to purchase them in the pilot program in Manchester, then the government will roll it out to Britons sooner rather than later. Once you have lost your civil liberties and freedom, it will be a heck of a fight to gain it back.

Harun Rabbani


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