Germany bans Monsanto’s Genetically-Modified maize

May 8, 2009 at 17:30 Leave a comment

Harun RabbaniThe cultivation of the single most widely GM crop to be grown in Europe is being banned by the German government. US-based Monsanto’s variety, called MON 810, is resistant to the corn borer, a moth larva which eats the stem.

MON 810 is controversial in the EU. Several countries have banned it, defying the European Commission. The variety has been allowed in Germany since 2005.

The Agriculture Minister, Ilse Aigner said the decision to ban it now, was purely scientific. She also said it was a specific case, and not a fundamental decision against all GM crops.

“…there is a justifiable reason to believe that… MON 810 presents a danger to the environment”, says Ms Aigner.

The US administration as well the ‘United States of Europe’ seem to be determined to ensure GM crops are cultivated and harvested by ensuring they are supported by the ‘right’ kind of scientific advisor.  Although the European Commission has plied pressure on EU governments to lift GM cultivation bans, several have refused to comply including Austria, Hungary, France and Greece. The UK supports the Commission’s position and is supportive of the American company.

According to opponents of GM crops more scientific data is needed especially as their long-term genetic impact on humans and the environment may prove to be harmful.

Harun Rabbani


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