An alternative to planetary destruction…the Venus Project

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jacque frescoThe central belief in the study of economics is that resources are scarce. So I spent four years studying the theory of scarcity and how to manage scarce resource. Although I understood the nature of economics, i.e. I managed to graduate, I didn’t get it. Why was there such an imbalance of affluence and excess on one hand, whilst there was abject poverty, death, disease and destruction on the other hand?

The conclusion to my curiosity is pretty stark, yet straight-forward. There is no scarcity, but a scarcity mindset that is propogated by those pulling the strings behind the people in authority. The burning question, which I know many will be aware of already, is what will happen if we continue down the path of scarcity? In my view, chaos, disorder and anarchy will reign. Therefore, giving the excuse needed to create a global police state.

The systems are already in place right now. We are constantly monitored by CCTV cameras in our towns and cities. Various governments are trying their level best to bring in censorship laws for the internet. Civil liberties are constantly being trampled upon. Need I say more.

One of the alternative ideas has been brought forward by a social engineer, Jacque Fresco, who has a different vision of the future. Click here to listen to and see  what he has to say about our planet’s future.

Harun Rabbani


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