Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God

June 10, 2009 at 16:42 2 comments

 Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God

Punk Science

In this last decade, there has been an explosion in interest in the nature of consciousness from a scientific standpoint. Yet for centuries there have been constant debate and discussion about God. Who is God?

Is He the one that is depicted as a bearded old man sitting on a cushion of clouds that many will have you believe?

In her book, Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God, Dr Samanta-Laughton does more than shake up the traditional thoughts on cosmology, biology and physics. She eloquently shows the deep connection between leading-edge scientific thinking and ancient spiritual beliefs about the nature of God.

She introduces the concept of the Black Hole Principle (BHP), which may end up being the ‘theory of everything’. It seems like BHP may take up the mantle that quantum physics has held since the time of Einstein. If, like me, you want an easy-to-understand book on science, this is it.

Bruce Lipton called it “…sheer genius”

John Martini said the information in the book “..brings meaning to our daily existence”

Click on here to order it from Amazon: Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God

If you’re interested in hearing from Dr Samanta-Laughton, I will be interviewing her during the Consciousness Revolution Teleseminar in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Harun Rabbani


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The Consciousness Revolution Show Teleseminar Series Where’s the scientific proof that we are all connected conscious beings?

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  • 1. bobbyalm  |  June 21, 2009 at 22:32

    Nice. I recently came across Bruce Lipton. He’s really on the cutting edge, bringing up some fascinating stuff.



  • […] Samanta-Laughton will help you to find your true Genius Groove. After the success of her book, Punk Science, people wanted to know what the New Sciences means to their lives. Her new book, Genius Groove, was […]


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