A journey into the conscious universe…with the ego tagging along

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Here’s the million dollar question: what is the ego and what’s its connection to consciousness?

The ‘ego’ and ‘consciousness’ are described in many ways. I’d like to attempt to clarify it within my own subjective opinion in this blog.

Consciousness is like the hardware of a computer. We cannot change consciousness as it’s always been there and always will be. We are consciousness and we are part of consciousness. On the other hand, the ego is like the software of a computer and we do have the ability to make changes with it and within it. Like any software, the ego is susceptible to infection by viruses or as Professor Richard Dawkins calls it ‘memes’.

The ego is made up of all the elements that we call mind and matter. In other words, the ego is a combination of our body, beliefs, perceptions, prejudices and much more. The ego thrives on low energy emotions such as fear, shame, guilt, lust, anger, pride, grief, to name a few. It lives off victim-hood and the feelings of helplessness.

Why does the ego need this ‘I can’t attitude’ to survive? It’s because if gets a payoff from it. It is a self-perpetuating mechanism.

The core of the ego is ultimately the body and the ‘perceptions’ that your spirit resides within. The ego even has the notion that when it moves on from this life, it will be an enlightened. Not true. The ego is not you and you are not the ego.

For many years, therapists have worked on the notion that understanding your identity takes you to a high level of consciousness. Well, here’s the news. The highest level of consciousness is beyond identity. It IS consciousness itself. You are who you are. You are where you are right now and you are everywhere at the same time.

How does this affect your everyday life? The ego takes credit for your survival. It believes you’re the one who is making ‘stuff’ happen. You are the achiever. But when you surrender your desires, goals and ambitions to consciousness, the likelihood of their achievement surpasses what the ego can do for you. Here are five powerful words you may choose to use when you wish to manifest ‘stuff’ in your life:

“Let go and let God.”

You are not the creator of the ‘stuff’. You’re the manifestor. Imagine you were looking to bake (manifest) a cake. You need a recipe of the type of cake you want and then gather all the right ingredients. Once you’ve mixed it all up in its right proportions, you let go of it by placing it in the oven. It’s highly unlikely you created the ingredients for the cake and its likely that if you ignored the oven completely, you’d end up destroying the cake.

Now the ego will tell you:

“Look at me! I make a wonderful cake!”

In reality, when you get out of your own way and follow the natural laws (of the recipe), the cake is manifested in a way perhaps even better than you imagined.

On the flipside of the coin, the ego is responsible for death, destruction and man-made ‘dis-ease’ in the world. Let’s not make no bones about it. The ego kills. It’s at this point, it’s useful to refer to the ‘ego’ in Richard Wilkins, founder of Broadband Consciousness, definition of the word. He calls it the ‘script’.

The very software that is uploaded into us by parents, teachers, peers, politicians, employers, organisations, authorities, culture and religion. It tells you what you shouldn’t do, mustn’t do, cannot do or are forbidden from. Most of your script is virus-ridden and has a tendency to self-replicate at an alarming rate.

It’s reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that one million people commit suicide every year with a projected increase to 1.53m by 2020 . Tragically, it almost became a ‘fashion’ in January 2008 when a disproportionate number of young people were killing themselves in Wales.  Why do you think these people took their lives? Very simple. They had the firm belief that taking their own lives was better than living in this life. This is a classical line from the script.

If you don’t believe the power of the script, check out what’s on the news most of the time – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their script is thriving on the feeling of victimhood. Both parties feel like they’ve been victimised. One part feels they’re lives are under threat because of suicide bombings and bus bombings. The other side feels their lives and livelihoods are in constant jeopardy from the threat of helicopter gunships and blockade of trade routes. Yet, this conflict has been going on for centuries. The individual scripts of these people are gigantic tomes of low conscious emotions and fears.

Here’s the good news: There are very powerful solutions to the ‘script’ or the ‘ego’.

One of the solutions is NOT to try to destroy the ‘script’. It will always be there. It never goes away.

Step One: Recognise that when you’re experiencing unwanted feelings or are feeling an emotional downtime, you are in your script. Richard Wilkins of Broadband Consciousness says,

“How much do you worry about something when you’re not thinking about it?”

Step Two: Remind yourself that you are not your script. There are two sides of you: your higher, authentic ‘Self’ and then there’s your ‘script’.

Step Three: Unless you have to (because of work or you’re a therapist), steer clear of people with an ‘I can’t’ attitude. Surround yourself with people who are of a higher conscious nature. For example, meet up once a month with groups like the ‘School of Superheroes’ or start a group your own with a few friends.

Step Four: Practice letting go of the non-essentials in your life. This could be non-essential practices – do you have to watch or listen to the news media? – or the non-essential tangibles possessions that give you worry. For example, if it stresses you to own and maintain a car, why don’t you get rid of it and use public transport or better still a bike?

Step Five: Be still. Be a witness to your thoughts and notice what happens. Creating stillness will allow you to observe how your script behaves. It’s very easy. You’ve done it before. Haven’t you ever been engaged in a row, for example, and at the same time asked yourself,

“What the hell am I doing this for?”

I know I have. But now practice stillness consciously. Lao Tzu says,

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

Step Six: Learn, understand, practice and then TEACH others about the nature of consciousness. The greatest learning only begins when you start teaching others.

Ultimately, the ego thinks that what is life is not actually life. We are far more powerful beings than we’ve been led to believe. The ego is very strong. It survives many lifetimes. But in the very last moment of your breath, you have to surrender the ego. In that moment, you have true knowledge of what consciousness really is and that ego had little power over you all along.

“To know and not to do is not yet to know”, Confucius.

Peace be with you with infinite blessings,

Harun Rabbani

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