The Consciousness Revolution Show with Nassim Haramein

July 15, 2009 at 23:14 3 comments

black holeWe’re living in a critical time in human history. The world is facing many difficulties in managing the ecosystem and technological advancement. The vast majority of people in the developing world as well as the developed world have been failed by their leaders.

For far too long, we’ve been over dependent on the Newtonian mindset of separation and division. The evidence is plain for all to see in the insurmountable diseases the plague nations, the high level of worldwide poverty, hunger, infant mortality and war.

However, from the midst of this dark period, there are a few individuals and groups who are providing ideas, solutions and strategies that we cannot afford to ignore.

Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, a non-profit organisation in Hawaii, is leading a team of scientists and researchers who have found a powerful solution that is unifies the new sciences as well as change the nature of many traditional beliefs.

Instead of seeing ourselves as separate beings, Nassim’s work proves that we are part of an infinitely powerful consciousness. You’ll be discovering the connections between the ancient sacred geometry, quantum physics, creation, pyramids and much more.

This free teleseminar is a taster of what’s to come at the Rise to the Equation meeting in London on Thursday 13th August. Make sure you register your free place immediately by clicking here.

To your success!

Harun Rabbani


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  • 1. nanci  |  July 25, 2009 at 19:50

    Please can i have mp3 file as well?

    Thank you very much


  • 2. humantwopointzero  |  July 25, 2009 at 23:25

    Just subscribe to the Consciousness Revolution Show and you will recieve an MP3 when it is ready automatically.

  • 3. nanci  |  July 27, 2009 at 17:18

    thank you very much, i am not sure i did subscribed correctly
    is it here? can you send the link>?
    have a good week



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