The Consciousness Revolution Show Teleseminar Series

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I’ve got a question for you.

How satisfied are you with the condition of humanity and the condition of our planet?

Like me, you probably feel the world can do with being a much better place for millions – nay, billions – of people. However, most people feel that the power to make great change is in the hands of governments and world organisations, such as the United Nations, the World Bank and big charities. Not true.

The power to change the world is in the hands of individuals like YOU. Over sixty years ago, a diminutive-looking old man dressed in little more than rags made a statement that you may have heard:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Yet even today very few truly comprehend the significance of Mahatma Gandhi’s words.

This is about to change.

Today, we are experiencing a Consciousness Revolution like the planet has never known. Look all around you. Are you seeing a world crisis OR do you see much more than that? Are we experiencing anything less than a global detox?

Find out for yourself.

You are invited to join the teleseminar/live webinar to listen to expert witnesses revealing the truth behind how YOU truly create global change.

You’ll hear from global frontiers from the world of science, mind-body medicine, ancient philosophies and spirituality about the nature of consciousness and its effects on humanity.

In the next two decades, much of humanity will evolve beyond recognition. In years to come, we will be known as the generation who created a new beginning for Man and Womankind.

In order for that to work, you need to make a choice – do you wish to be a passenger in this global change or do you want to be the driver of destiny itself?

About the interviewer

Main ImageYour expert interviewer is Harun Rabbani, the founder of Human 2.0: the Consciousness Revolution. Harun is an entrepreneur, blogger, author, radio broadcaster and professional speaker specialising in consciousness. His hard-hitting style leaves no stones left unturned.

If you have a burning question to ask Harun’s guest, then make sure you message Harun during the live interview call.

When do the interviews take place?

The teleseminars will take place every Wednesday evenings at 8pm British time. (Click here to find out the equivalent time in your time zone.) Each interview will last approximately 60 minutes and will be jam-packed with powerful information for you to use immediately.

But if you aren’t able to attend, we will let you know how you can get a free MP3 download of the interview. (Subscribers only)

If you want to enjoy hearing some of the world’s greatest experts on personal evolvement and global transformation, make sure you subscribe to the email updates by clicking here. You will only receive information in your email inbox if you subscribe. (You can unsubscribe anytime)

How much does it cost to listen to the teleseminar/webcast?

We charge nothing for you to listen to the live interview. If you choose to listen to the interview by telephone, then there is a charge made by the telephone provider. There’s no charge if you listen online. It is completely free!

Subscribers can download interviews free of charge. Non-subscribers pay $9.99 for each download.


For people who enjoy the service – we hope that is you – we request you make a donation towards the SOHCA school-building project in Sierra Leone. Click here to find out more about SOHCA. Click on the PayPal link below to make your donation. How modest or how generous you are in your donation is up to you. Thank you.

Paypal donate button1

The Consciousness Revolution interviews are part of a global movement to make the world a better place and ensure we leave a legacy that our future leaders would be proud of.

By listening to new information, your thinking evolves. When you think differently, your actions change. When you change the way you behave, you change the world.


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