How 68-year old Martha leads the way for the children…

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cement_mixerFantastic news! One of the people who inspired me the most when focusing our efforts in Sierra Leone on the first SOHCA Project School is my co-founder’s mother, Martha Sesay. She is a retired nurse who has worked hard all her life to make a difference to her village of Matamp in Sierra Leone despite being a single mother raising three young girls on her own and working as a nurse.

Her desire to raise the consciousness of the children of Sierra Leone and her tireless efforts towards making that a reality is a story of dedication, blood, sweat and tears. I’ll let her daughters tell you that story…

On building the foundation of the school we discovered a pretty big hurdle that was slowing us down – the transportation time and costs. The raw materials have to be shipped from Freetown to Matamp, which is an eight-hour journey through some very rough terrain. I know because I did that journey. Therefore, we set ourselves the goal of buying (ideally) a tipper truck or, at the least, a pick up truck.

It’s been a frustrating time as finding a truck that was up to the job AND affordable has not been easy. That is until a few days ago. Although Martha is in her late 60’s, there is no stopping her. She has managed to secure the support of a civil engineering company to support the building our first school in Sierra Leone. They’ve kindly agreed to donate a pick up truck, a cement mixer and other tools of construction worth many thousands of pounds. What a feat for a little woman who is on purpose!

Here’s the really great news: The civil engineering company have agreed to negotiate a contribution of something even bigger than a pickup truck – a 12-month old tipper truck! However, in order to secure the tipper truck, we need to find £600 for the contributing company. In addition, it will cost £2,700 to ship the truck, cement mixer and ancillary tools from the UK to Sierra Leone.


This is where we are asking for your help. We need that £600 immediately. So if you wish to contribute to this charity, then please either use the donation button below or send me an email to make payment arrangements.

Paypal donate button1

If you have not got £600, that’s OK. Email all your friends this post and get them all to contribute £10 or more. That way we will only need 60 people to make it happen. Better still: get 6 friends to donate £100 each. Can you see how easy this can be if we think creatively?

I truly hope you can help. The children of Sierra Leone need it.

Peace and blessings,

Harun Rabbani

Email me:

Paypal donate button1


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