The Abundance Course with Larry Crane: UK – 23, 24, 25 Oct 2009

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Have you experienced any of these situations?

Constant money worries, health problems, guilt feelings, fear, procrastination, inability to speak up for yourself, marital problems, confusion about your life, vitality, contentment.

If so, read on because there’s a way you can easily turn your life around…

You will discover your natural ability to handle whatever life throws at you.

You’ll hear how you can get rid of everything that hurts, all your fears, all your burdens, all your disappointments, and when you get rid of enough of them you’ll find yourself, as others have, happy, peaceful and capable of doing whatever you want, regardless of your situation or circumstance.

In fact, what the use of this ability can do for you is totally unlimited. It can be applied to any problem and every situation. It truly gives you the one single solution you’ve been searching for.

You have no limits except those you hold on to in your mind and when you let go of these limits you can have, do or be whatever you desire.

You know from your own experience, that when too many negative feelings build up in you, you feel anxious, uncomfortable, and unhappy. The first thing you’ll try to do is to get away from them. You’ll do this by suppressing them (hiding them from yourself is the worst thing you can do), coping with them (trying to escape their effects by various means), or by venting them.

Listen, handling your feelings in any of these ways won’t give you what you want. You will remain trapped, unhappy and limited because the negative effects of your feelings are still in you, building up inside and hurting you, by destroying your health and keeping you from your happiness, even though you may not be aware of them.

What you really want and need is what you’ve lost sight of. That is, you already have the ability to completely discharge your negative feelings and regain your energy, your passion and your power. This is the only way to the happiness, peace and successful life you’ve been longing for.

The Effective Way To Let Go Of Any Negative Thoughts In Seconds

The effective system for discovering the way to success, health, peace, happiness, and abundance is called The Release Technique.

And the technique has been proven by over 100,000 other people just like you.

With this “do-it-yourself”, easy-to-learn system you’ll discover how to completely discharge negative influences and feelings from your life – Instead of struggling with them by suppressing, coping and venting them, you’ll learn how to totally release them.

And, you can discover this ability to live a successful life by following simple “how to” instructions. It’s so easy to do, without any magic or mystery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! And, you don’t have to read books, meditate or memorize any complicated formulas to do so.

Scientific Research Validates The Tremendous Results
 Of The Release Technique.

Research on the physiologic changes in response to stress from the practice of the Release Technique was conducted by researchers at Harvard and the State University of New York Medical Schools.

The researchers found that the Release Technique “stands out far beyond others for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.

The scientific results support the experience that those trained in The Release Technique were calmer in difficult situations after having learned the Technique with observable results that got even better with time.

Manifest Abundance

Here’s what people are saying about the Release Technique Weekend Retreat they’ve attended:

“This week, I literally watched the lines in my face decrease as the stress and pain I carried around with me for years lifted away. I was surrounded by the most loving, wonderful people I ever met in my life. I wanted to be surrounded and immersed in releasing and gained an incredible momentum to continue releasing every day. I can hardly wait to get home to see if my family can notice the incredible positive changes I feel I have gained this week.”

“Larry, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being faithful to Lester’s wishes of sharing the Abundance Course with the world. We sure need it.My personal experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. Having been plagued worry, guilt and anguish for years in my personal life. Living in the past, constant fear of the unknown, wallowing in past failures and trying to figure everything out. Now I am happy, joyous and free. I understand about letting go and letting God. The Abundance Course has given me a new outlook on life. Inner peace, joy and happiness are now mine in abundance. The changes were subtle and gradual as I began to release hesitantly at first. As I began to understand the benefits of the butt system my releasing began to take on new meaning and I am now able to be in release on a consistent, continual basis, even in a stressful work atmosphere. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Mack Nance

to discover the True Power Of Love

“I Can” After Years of Depression and Anxiety

“I actually let go of beating myself up-I hadn’t thought it was possible. I feel exhilarated and energetic after years of fatigue. I have more clarity and peace and improved self confidence-I have a feeling of ‘I can’ after years of depressions and anxiety-Thank you Larry.”

Luz Ugalde

N.Y.U. Professor Heals Relationships

“A major gain I experienced was being able to reconnect with my father from whom I’d been estranged for several years. I was using the special release process and a letter from him arrived asking forgiveness as I was completing the exercise! In my relationship with my husband, I was able to let go of my tendencies to criticize and complain. By releasing, I was able to let him be who he was and see all the good in him. We are getting along 100% better.”

Your Personal Freedom Formunla

No More Anti-Depression Pills

“My biggest gain so far has been that I have successfully stopped taking anti-depression medication, because I really no longer have any need for it. After learning to really apply the Technique, I can honestly say I am no longer depressed.”

Oliver Bingham

Loses 30 lbs, Doubles Income

“Since beginning The Abundance Course about a year ago, I’ve gone through some major changes in my physical, social, financial and spiritual life. Thank You!! I’ve lost 30 lbs., exercise with vigor and enjoyment. I’m more social, less nervous with fewer irritations and confrontations. I’m no longer jealous when my girlfriend socializes with other men. My career has taken off and now I make more than twice the income then last year. I’ve replaced certain concepts with spiritual concepts that bring me joy, wonder and expectations of a fulfilling life. Now that I know how to release and use the butt system I never go a day without feeling uplifted. Well, now I want the whole pie. I’ve enjoyed my new found freedom and won’t stop there. I’m enrolling in all the advanced courses.”

Tom Walzer

Husband and Wife Clear All Debts and Double Income

“Holly and I are partners in a law firm. Practicing law can be very stressful. Since taking your course all the stress is gone. Our relationship has gotten much better, we have cleared up all our debts and our practice has moe than doubled in income. If you are skeptical, get passed it-this really works-we proved it to ourselves. You can too.”

McGregor & Mosier Law Firm


The Abundance Course


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