Letting go in order to reach out…

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meditation2-saidaonlineWhen I first started meditating, I have to admit I found it very difficult. My mind would keep wandering and wondering. It would be wandering from one thought to the next to the next. Eventually, I would come back to the moment and realise I was supposed to be meditating.

At other times, I would be wondering if my meditation was getting me anywhere. Then I would re-adjust myself by focusing on my breathing. What’s most interesting about meditation is the profound effect it has on your beingness.

So this is why when some (now) great friends of mine introduced me to the idea of the release technique, I was very interested in hearing more. When my newly -formed friends introduced me to the work of Lester Levenson and the Release Technique, I thought this would be useful for helping me with my business.

That was in 2003. I’d just recently separated from a 7-year marriage and became a single dad. So I thought about it harder. I told myself…

“Self, you’ve got to put these guys to the test. If they’re any good, then their technique will work on anythings. They’re promising miracles so let’s see miracles happen.”

So I decided the thing that I wanted to release most was my fear of having the awful relationship with my children that I endured with my own father. For those who know me will understood that this was a pretty deep-seated emotional area for me. In essence, I wanted to let go of the fear of being a bad father that riddled me from a very young age.

Over the course of a day’s seminar, my friends explained to me and the rest of the audience about how emotions and feelings are formed, and much more. Then we were introduced to a variant of the Release Technique called ‘The Sedona Method’. What can I say? I observed profound changes taking place with other people in front of my very eyes. But I was still cynical…until I was started to apply the technique.

I will say no more other than my sons and I have the most inspirational relationship that any father and, for that matter, mother can wish for. It is precisely because of such relationships that my children have encouraged me to create the concept of ‘Amazing Dads’. So does, the Release Technique work? Hell yeah!

Larry Crane, a protege of Lester Levenson, is one of two leading teachers of the Release technique. I hope you can join my interview with him on the  Consciousness Revolution Show and even join him at his three-day retreat in October in the UK. Please click here for more details.

But now, I have to go…I’m off swimming with my kids.

Peace and blessings,

Harun Rabbani


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