The Science of the New Children, Pt I: the Spiral of Evolution

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indigokids1I GREW UP IN A SMALL YORKSHIRE VILLAGE called Denby Dale in Northern England. Picture it: rolling Yorkshire hills dotted with sheep, everybody knows each other’s business and the shops still close every Wednesday afternoon. Life moves so slowly there that when change does occur, one can hear the village elders exclaim, “Eeeh! Wasn’t like that in my day”, whilst shaking their heads sadly.

Similar laments can be heard around the world as successive generations watch their youth introduce changes to society more reflective of new tastes and aspirations. From widespread observations like these, we may conclude that the human race is constantly evolving. Surprisingly, this is still a matter of debate in mainstream science with New Scientist raising this very question in 2004. 1 

In this article, we look at the science of human evolution and how this could begin to explain the talents currently seen in the so-called New Children, which are different than those commonly seen in previous generations.

The Information Age

Many speak of life in the 21st century as being the age of information. This concept is not only being applied to the slew of media, internet and other sources that we are increasingly exposed to, but also to the very fabric of the universe itself.

For example, when physicists describe a subatomic particle such as an electron, they associate it with a negative charge. Where this charge originates and how it occurs is more difficult to explain. In the end, we can simply say that charge is the information associated with the electron. 2

Even one of the world’s leading physicists, Lee Smolin, in his book on loop quantum gravity (a hot topic in physics at the moment), describes the universe as being made up of processes and not things. 3 The fundamental of the universe is seen as a type of information.

So how does information behave? French physicist, Jean Charon concludes that the electron and the information associated with it, never decreases in quantity: it only increases. 4 As particles such as electrons also constitute the human race, it can be argued that we also constantly increase in information: our very particles ‘learn’ from the experiences of each generation, reflective of the passage of evolution.

The big gene disappointment

But isn’t evolution to do with our genes? Are not the Darwinian drives to survive hostile environments the main factors behind changes in any species? At the start of the 21st century, there are many aspects of this ‘selfish gene’ idea that are coming under scrutiny.

One of the major surprises is due to the human genome project reaching its completion. It turns out that we have far fewer, a whole 2/3 fewer, genes than were predicted. These were needed in order to account for the complexity associated with human beings. In fact we do not have many more genes than a fruit fly or a worm and our genome is basically identical to that of mice. This has led to the rather reluctant conclusion that our genes do not make us who we are. 5

Furthermore, the drive for evolution has proved more complex than the ‘stress equals new species’ idea; nobody has ever been successful at producing a new species by putting stress on an old one, which was supposed to be the mechanism behind evolution. 6

Add to that the findings by biologists that bacteria seem to be able to mutate their own genome at will, according to their environment 7 and the picture that we had of evolution being the transfer of superior genes to successive generations with some assistance from random processes, seems to be disintegrating.

Ironically this also debunks the idea that the New Children have special DNA. The idea that these kids are genetic mutants has been much touted in ‘new age’ circles in order to gain scientific credence. To give even more spice to the story, sources of this idea also claim that scientists have also already noticed this and are suppressing information – a sure-fire way to get many to believe in this.

Yet if mainstream science is reluctantly letting go of the idea that our genes shape who we are, there is no point in discussing special DNA when trying to bring scientific respectability to the area of the New Children. Especially when there are new and exciting ideas on the horizon that are wholly within the realm of science that could explain how New Children have come into being.

The Self-aware universe

We now have to look at what really does shape us. What is the underlying force that drives evolution? Surprisingly, some scientists are saying that evolution is a conscious process. Cutting-edge biologist, Bruce Lipton, has demonstrated that perception of the environment is the driving force behind cellular mechanisms including the expression of DNA. 8 This is backed up by the hundreds of clinical cases seen by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, founder of meta-medicine, who has found that an emotional shock leads to cellular changes demonstrable in histological examination. 9

“What is the underlying force that drives evolution? Surprisingly, some scientists are saying that evolution is a conscious process.”

Physicists such as Amit Goswami 10 and Fred Alan Wolf 11 have also concluded from the findings of quantum theory that consciousness is fundamental to the universe. This means that the informational processes that make up the seemingly solid reality around us, are also somehow sentient.

With consciousness central to the new scientific worldview, a new drive behind evolution is emerging.

 The Spiral of Evolution

 In early 2004, I published an article called Quantum Bio-cosmology in the journal of the British Holistic Medical association. 12 Within it, I outlined my conclusions from having studied the principles of quantum physics and those of cosmology (the study of how the universe works). I had discovered that the way to combine all the forces of physics into one theory was to place the black hole as the central motif of creation.

I argued that the principle behind the black hole was the principle found at every level of the universe from chakras, to atoms, to planets. For a full version of this article visit my website. 13

I was delighted to discover shortly after my publication that a physicist called Nassim Haramein, was getting ready to publish the mathematical version of the black hole principle. 14 When two or more people have hit upon the same concept at the same time, it seems to be an indicator that science is about to move on.

Central to the theory is the idea that everything is spinning or spiralling into existence. All levels of existence follow a spiral, geometrical progression called the Fibonnacci series in mathematics. This is seen not only in black holes, but chakras and atoms and even our weather systems. All are varying sizes of black holes.

If Haramein and myself are right, then we have independently hit upon the central signature of the universe. This signature could also be behind evolution. Evolution is also a progressive spiral of consciousness, expressing itself in successive human generations, each one containing more information than the next.

The driver of evolution could be the force behind all existence; it is consciousness expressing itself in an ever-increasing spiral, shaping the physical characteristics and talents of each generation of human being.

At this present time, we seem to be crossing a threshold: the spiral is moving up a level. Many people are being born at this time who naturally display talents such as multidimensional awareness and telepathy. These gifts are natural and obvious to some children (and adults).

As science lets go of the idea that we are driven by our genes and moves into the idea that we are being shaped by a spiral of consciousness, eternally increasing in information, the science of the New Children becomes more apparent.

How this information will be received back in Denby Dale is yet to be seen!

In the next part of this series, I shall look at the scientific basis for some of the talents of the New Children such as telepathy and multidimensional awareness. 

This article was first published in Planet Lightworker Magazine.



 Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton trained as a medical doctor and as an energy medical consultant. She has worked as a general practitioner, at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and in her own holistic healing practice. Her quest for the scientific basis of healing and other spiritual practices has led her to study the principles of theoretical physics, the science of consciousness and cosmology. She communicates her findings in popular lectures and her writing including the international selling, Punk Science. This is a major step forward towards a scientific explanation for auras, chakras, mediumship, channelling, distant healing and the pathway of creation.


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