The Genius Groove: The New Science of Creativity

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The Genius Groove: The New Science of Creativity

The Genius Groove charts the revolution from outdated ideas that only people with high IQs and good genes can be called a genius, to the exciting new worlds of quantum physics, the New Biology and the Black Hole Principle, revealing the scientific basis of the genius within us all and how to tap into your infinite creative source.

The author, Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton, a former medical GP, found her Genius Groove after a series of extraordinary events. Follow her amazing story and learn some fascinating principles along the way.

  • Why is it that many people are not in their creative flow?
  • What is the new scientific definition of genius and how do you get into your Genius Groove?
  • How to become your authentic self and experience New Paradigm Living.
  • Explore your true multidimensional nature in an infinitely creative cosmos.
  • How these principles can transform organizations and the way in which we work.




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