The Magician’s Way

February 3, 2010 at 09:59 1 comment

Is it a coincidence that the word ‘humanity’ is a singular word? As human beings are we not part of this one singularity? Over the last century, humanity started to wake up from its deep slumber. Yes, our collective consciousness is rising as we realise that we are, in fact, one.  

During this very successful series of interviews (even though I say so myself!), you’ve heard from a wide range of people including scientists, mystics and healers who have drummed home the science of consciousness. The information they have shared with you has been nothing short of mind-blowing.

However, there is a ‘BUT’…and it’s a big one at that!

How much will your life change if you merely gather information in your head and prevent it from travelling to your heart and to your muscles? Precious little, right?

Have you ever wondered what it means to live consciously minute-by-minute?

Ever wondered what it would be like to actualise your accumulated knowledge?

Someone with all the knowledge in the world will not actualize as powerfully or completely as someone with a little bit of knowledge who takes action. The key in all of this is that, to transform, one has to create a vision that is above resolving circumstances, and yet, whether obviously or subtly, even people with the best intentions perpetuate their egoic identity by confusing their circumstantial agendas for a vision.

On Wed 17th Feb 2010, you’ll hear from author, William Whitecloud, on living your life magically by stepping into your greatness. His mission is to help individuals find their way out of the maze of their coping perceptions and find the path to what their lives are really about. Click here to register for this interview.

The 60-minute interview will take place at 8pm GMT (3pm Eastern, 9pm CET) on Wed 17th Feb. To listen to the show for free, please register by clicking this link.

About William Whitecloud

William is a Byron Bay-based (Australia) coach, family man and the author of the widely acclaimed ‘The Magicians Way’. Having experienced a strictly religious upbringing and the subsequent disillusionment, William discovered that some of the greatest success achieved by his trading mentor was through esoteric means. This re-ignited his childhood fascination with the hidden forces at play in the world.

Later on in life and still caught up in the stresses of Western expectations of what life should be like, he experienced personal crisis. His attention turned from merely observing phenomenon at work outside of himself to seeking ways in which he could practically apply magic to creating what truly mattered to him in his own life. This search brought him into contact with the alchemical principles of Hermetic Philosophy and the ideas of Robert Fritz, founder of Technologies For Creating. Within months, he had begun to study and teach these superbly effective principles for reconnecting with and manifesting what is truly important to the human spirit.


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Humanity’s Upgrade Release Technique Unveiled

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  • 1. Francesca Cassini  |  February 3, 2010 at 10:36

    Fabulous that you’re interviewing William – I know he’s amazing even though I’ve not met him yet. Love his book. Experienced this work doing an 8m training with Darren Eden here in the UK. Now I’ve committed to living intuitively, guided by my heart in everything. I am just uploading Vlog 9 to my youtube channel charting my journey.

    You’re doing wonderful work Harun!


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