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Over the past century, scientific knowledge has shown that stress is bad for you. No kidding?!!

Many modalities of healing have been developed over the past 40 years. Some of them very useful, whilst others not worth mentioning. Lester Levenson was a man of science and an engineer. With all the research he’d done on the health issues that were affecting him, science and medicine could not offer anything that would help him. In fact, after having his third coronary attack, he’d had enough.

After further contemplation, he decided to disregard all his accumulated knowledge… all his books… and, instead, decided to examine his life by going back to the “drawing board within”.

He noticed that each time he was ill, he was wanting something. He wanted money. He wanted love. And, most of all he wanted to change things. Then he noticed that whenever he was giving and loving and wasn’t wanting anything, he had peace of mind and was not ill. So, he asked himself:

“Well, if I could get rid of all my non-loving feelings, would I get better?”

That was his starting point.

It was only then that he realized two CORE TRUTHS that saved his life:

CORE TRUTH 1: He realized that it was his own suppressed feelings that were the root cause of all his problems. It was his own feelings that had destroyed his health… making him suffer in every other way, too.


CORE TRUTH 2: He discovered that he had the inborn, natural ability to “let go” of his feelings. He discovered how to effortlessly release every feeling that was having a negative influence on his life. What is more, he found that the more he released… the lighter, happier, healthier and more loving he became. Suddenly every aspect of his life started getting better. All illness dropped away. All anxieties and miseries dropped away. All struggle; all resistance ended.

By releasing all his feelings of lack… he totally cured himself. Abundance effortlessly started showing up in all areas of his life. In a short while he became a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE. But more importantly, in just three short months he “entered into” a continuous state of DEEP and profound happiness with no sorrow… and stayed in this state of pure bliss for another 40-years!

Lester Levenson trained, worked and mentored some of the leading experts in consciousness. His leading protege today is a gentleman by the name of Larry Crane, who has carried out Lester’s mission of spreading the work of helping millions achieve bliss. During the Consciousness Revolution Show you’ll hear much more from Larry and how the Release Technique WILL transform your life. I dare you to be there!

  • Time: 8pm GMT; 9pm CET, 3pm Eastern; 12pm PST
  • Date: Wed 3rd March 2010
  • Cost: Complimentary
  • Book your FREE place by clicking here

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