Your Energy Diamond

February 4, 2010 at 15:56 1 comment

Have you ever felt that you were off purpose?

You know the feeling when you’re doing work that really isn’t you?

Or that the life you’re leading has much more meaning than you’ve been hitherto demonstrating?

Ring a bell? If it’s any consolation, that’s just about what millions of others feel about their work and/or life. But, in truth, do you really want to go to your maker with your music still in you?

Inside of you is a map and it is made from personal development routes established over thousands of years by Masters from around the World. These paths or tracks show in what sequence you need to develop your Energy to Master your Life -in effect to become your own Master.

Energy, Physical Health, Self-Defence, Financial Security, Emotional Intelligence, Intellectual Clarity, Creativity and Life Purpose energies are all moved through in a unique way for each person.

And yes, following your own unique path makes it all about realising your potential. A unique process, Energy Diamond Coaching, reveals your own personal fingerprint path of development. The Energy Diamond journey that comes from following the revealed fingerprint path makes all of this about You and the journey you will take to becoming a Master, your own Master.

You can hear more about your Energy Diamond during the Consciousness Revolution Show on 7th April 2010 with the creator of Energy Diamond Coaching, Jaz Rasool.


Jaz Rasool has a background as a scientist developing practical benefits for mind-body medicine. He migrated into Stress Management and now his focus is on helping individuals and businesses. He coaches clients to help them manage energy and vitality so their potential can be fully realised.

He originally studied with the aim of becoming an Astronaut and went so far as to complete his degree in Physics, specialising in Astrophysics, at the University of London in 1992. As a result of a Nuclear Physics project at the University, Jaz developed an interest in the Biology and Physics of brain function. He had specific interest in how consciousness and emotions influenced Mind-Body illness and Well-being. The compelling relationship between Molecular Biology, Nuclear Physics and Biochemistry inspired Jazz  to undertake post-graduate research in Computer Modeling of Molecular and Biological Processes, specialising in the study of drugs that affected brain chemistry, consciousness and mind-body interactions.

In 2001, Jaz graduated with a Masters in Medical Qigong, the branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine that studies and transforms energy flows between mind and body. In 2002, he began to research its applications in building Human Vitality and Well-being. He went on to develop new tools and processes that could be used to manage Energy in Life-Coaching, Executive Coaching and ultimately in larger organisational level change programmes. Jaz developed a focus on improving peoples experience of Vitality, not just for maintaining good health but also for improving bottom-line performance and productivity in business and society.


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