Where have all the Superheroes gone?

July 10, 2010 at 10:54 1 comment

The other day, I was just reflecting on one of my old friend’s lifestyle. I was wondering what it would be like living his life, to go to travel to and from work everyday, to have just enough time to have dinner in front of the TV with the kids, to talk to the kids as I’m getting them ready for bed and have a half an hour with my spouse (in front of the TV, of course) before heading off to bed.

The rest of the working week would continue that way. Saturday would be spent shopping…again! Perhaps, I’d get to watch Doctor Who on the TV in the evening. And Sunday would be doing the chores that I missed out during the rest of the week.

No the wonder so many people are sick of being tired and tired of being sick! They’re too busy doing ordinary. Too busy grinding the producer machine for the consumer society.

Then one day, the proverbial hits the fan.

You may have noticed some of it appear in your life too. Have you ever had one or more of the following:

  • Work-related stress that’s affected your home life?
  • Relationship breakdown with a work colleague or a loved one?
  • A feeling of abandonment and isolation?
  • Childhood trauma due to less-than-perfect parenting?
  • Emotional breakdown?
  • Financial meltdown?
  • Career stagnation?

The list is infinite. These are purely symptoms of a cause that took you away from the essence of your true nature. Sufferers of such a symptom started doing something that millions are doing across the planet. They are doing ordinary.

If you’d like to find out what it takes to step away from being ordinary, then join me on The Consciousness Revolution Show with my guest, Richard Wilkins on Wednesday 4th August. During the show, Richard will reveal to you:

  • Why thinking out of the box is no longer valid in the era of higher conscious awareness
  • Why raising your consciousness is beyond the intellect
  • How to raise your level of consciousness with ease and change your life forever
  • How you are already an amazing inspiration to others right now
  • How to enjoy the moment…every moment
  • And, much, much more….

To hear this live interview (or the replay) FREE, click here to register

  • Time: 8pm British Summer Time (12pm PST, 3pm Eastern, 9pm CET, 1.30am IST)
  • Date: Wednesday 4th August 2010
  • Price: FREE for subscribers who register here

To get your free registration, click here.

About Richard Wilkins

Twenty years ago, Richard Wilkins was a multi-millionaire in the property construction business. He had it all – the Ferraris, the Lamborghini, the mansion, the land…and everything else that money could buy. Then the recession of the early nineties hit his business and taking everything away from him, including his marriage. Richard ended up in a bedsit contemplating taking his own life. It was during that time that everything changed for him.

He became a poet, a writer and an inspirational speaker fondly known as ‘The Minister for Inspiration’. His spoken and written words have changed the lives of thousands in the UK and different parts of the world. Several years ago, he developed ‘Broadband Consciousness’ (BC) as a way for ordinary people to live extraordinary lives at his School of Superheroes’ in England.

“BC is one of the single most powerful programs for ordinary people to discover how they are truly extraordinary beings.”


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  • 1. humantwopointzero  |  August 4, 2010 at 10:26


    Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring comments.

    It is true that there are thousands of people trying to get their name into the light so that they themselves can feel fulfilled. Amongst these people, there are a few who are sincere in their desire to share practical knowledge with others. In truth, we’re all gurus and so we need not turn to gurus to tend to our needs!

    Regarding those who choose to create war: war is nothing but the single biggest business strategy for the ruling elite and most of the ruling classes. They use a very clever tactic to entice the masses to support the war – they trigger off our survival instinct and the best-selling theme for all stories – fear.

    When we access our superheroeness, there is nothing but love, compassion and forgiveness.

    Peace be with you,



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