The Dawn of a New Universal Order

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Since 1992, I’ve been hearing about the ensuing New World Order from a wide range of sources. Initially, I was, like most people I guess, skeptical. They sounded like a bunch of conspiracy theories that were just that – theories. Nonetheless, I have been doing my own research for and against the idea of a New World Order using both observation through my own experiences and researching the information that has been available to the public arena.

Nearly ten years on, 9/11 happened in New York followed by 7/7 in London. The information and the misinformation propagated by people in places of power was beyond astonishing. The movie ‘Zeitgeist‘ was in my mind a massive eye-opener for me. This documentary was based almost entirely on the research work carried out by Jordan Maxwell . Having been viewed over fifty million times even 2-3 years ago, Google removed the counter that monitors the number of times the site has been visited. A couple of my observations include:

  1. How was it that there was a airforce drill in the USA on its grandest scale on the day the World Trade Centre on the day it was bombed?
  2. Was it a sheer coincidence that there was a emergency services (fire, ambulance, police, hospitals) drill at the SAME underground train stations that were bombed on the SAME day as the bombing took place?
  3. How was it that BBC News were able to report on the collapse of Building Seven of the World Trade Centre LONG BEFORE the building started to collapse? Click here to see the news clip.

Yes, this may be old news. Nonetheless, it shows there is a pattern taking place.

The planet has entered a brand new phase in its history. The New World Order is already here. George Orwell’s prediction of a ‘Big Brother’ watching over us all is already here. When I read his book called ‘1984‘ in 1983, my schoolmates and I laughed off the thought of such a horrific society. Guess what? We now live in an Orwellian police state with Big Brother watching us in real time. And nobody seems to bat an eye lid.

The nature of the human condition is like a frog being cooked. If you place a frog in a pan of hot boiling water, it will jump out instantly. On the other hand, if you place a frog in a pan of cold water and gradually heat up the water, the frog will not move. It would die without even noticing.

Thus, Mankind has been gradually taken to boiling point without us even noticing. Those who dare speak out are seen as mad, eccentric or even on the lunatic fringe. Sadly, it seems that the warmth of the pan is far too alluring for most.

As 2012 approaches, Mankind is experiencing its darkest hour: diseases are spread to those who have no means of combatting it (SARS Flu, AIDS, Swine Flu and more); the global economy is being brought to its knees in order to make way for new currencies that aim to create greater dominance over the developing world; wars are being raged against phantom enemies; civil liberties are being discarded in the name of homeland security, countries are being invaded in order to make for new Anglo-American economic and political interests; individuals are being dumbed down through mass vaccination programs, fluoridation of the water supplies; climate change is being used as the excuse for introducing a new global taxation system that charges you for the air that you breathe. The list goes on.

Whilst on one hand, thousands are getting excited about the shift in human consciousness taking place in 2012, what they don’t realise is that, in order for us to enter a New Golden Age, we are most likely going to experience some of the darkest days to come.

However, I am an optimist. I have seen and experienced great shifts on an individual and a group basis. Only twenty-one years ago, there was a permanent threat of a Third World War for several decades. Then, in 1989, the Berlin Wall came down. Our future history was still secure.

Large corporations were bleeding dry the masses through corrupt and disgraceful practises. Then Enron and Andersons collapsed with the collapse of many less well-known corporations following suit. Earlier this year, BP performed such a massive crime through its oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico, I am pretty confident it will eventually have to pay for its abuse of Mother Nature.

The New Universal Order cares not about the activities of individuals or corporations or governments. However, it is us who should care for the New Order. It is based on principle which gives rise to Universal, not man-made, Laws. When we get back to Principle, we are able to have VISION – one that is aligned to Principle and, consequently, Universal Laws.

If we are serious about changing the course of our FUTURE HIStory or HERstory, then let’s consider this.

How much of a change can we make to the Outer Cosmos if we make no attempts to change our Inner Cosmos?

In fact, change is no longer valid as a word. A more apt word is ‘TRANS-MORPHATION’ – to change form.

A word to the wise from Socrates: KNOW THYSELF.

How much do you know your SELF at the level of the thought, at the level of the emotion, at the level of the intuition, at the level of the body and at the level of the observer?

One thing I am assured of is that 99% of people are NOT even aware of these faculties as constituent parts of the mind.

A final word…or two. Let us rejoice in the dawn of the New Universal Order for it brings with it the first phase of a new Golden Age. Let us also be mindful that we are not quite there yet…there is much work to do at the very foundational level of our individual being.

“In order to find yourself, you must first go and define yourself”

Konstantin Pavlidis (Scientific researcher, movement artist and spiritual teacher)

Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. Written by Harun Rabbani with inspiration and teachings from interviews with Konstantin Pavlidis with other scientists on The Consciousness Revolution Show. You may publish this article on provision that the author is credited and a link is put for


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