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In the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, corporate executives, workers from NGO’s (non-government organisations), students, unemployed people, musicians and those seeking work for the first time. What struck me as a common theme is how many people are NOT living the life they’ve always dreamt of. Many are performing jobs or living lifestyles that they have no passion for. But they choose to do this because ‘it’s the right thing to do’.

Then there are those who have a passion but can’t make ends meet to sustain their lifestyle or even their life. For some, they have to hit rock bottom before things start to change. Here’s a chance for you to avoid the major pitfalls.

Follow your Heart, find wisdom and create amazing results – Do this by raising the consciousness of your heart and change the consciousness of the world.

On the Consciousness Revolution Show, we will be joined by an individual who has been doing precisely that. Deepak Lodhia will be highlighting more ideas during my interview with him. He will be sharing how to remove your fears and calm your mind as you walk the warrior’s path from your head to your heart.

Walking the warrior’s path is about going forward without fear or waiting for someone else’s permission to be authentically you. But most importantly, it’s about encouraging you to step out and go way beyond your current comfort zone.

It’s about life on your terms.

Here’s a question for you: What would a meaningful, rewarding, passionate, successful and empowered life look like to you?

1.      Would you be happier, in more control of your own life choices and decisions, instead of things just happening to you?

2.      Would you be living your life in a way that is satisfying, jumping out of bed every morning because your life is incredible and you can’t wait for each new day?

3.      Would you be healthier?

4.      Would you be in a more honest and loving relationship, maybe even meeting the partner of your dreams?

5.      How about increased confidence and self-esteem and belief in your abilities, skills and knowledge?

6.      Or, would it be life without fear?

Heart Consciousness is about following your heart and letting it lead you to the future you are meant to live!

The Path always leads to wisdom, yet just before you meet wisdom, you encounter fear. Most turn back here, yet the warrior raises his heart consciousness to go through fear to meet wisdom and create that life.

Here are the details for the interview with Deepak:

Click this link to register!


As one of the leading experts in Emotional Intelligence and Executive Dynamics coaches, Deepak has coached hundreds of people over the past seven years. As the founder of Executive Dynamics, he incorporates many of the strategies and techniques developed by coaching, to help people maximise their personal happiness and business effectiveness. He has , in essence, been coaching and training Executives and Managers – and professionally working with business leaders and members of the public. His prime purpose as a coach is to encourage people to make the absolute best of their potential, to become fulfilled, productive and profitable. This is achieved by developing specific, tailor-made strategies for each individual. The coaching process is effective, results-oriented and great fun and the client invariably feels unconditionally supported throughout.

Deepak has a real talent for seeing what is going on with people, his intuition and empathy set him apart from the majority of coaches (so much so that many coaches have Deepak as their coach). Deepak ‘s personal mission is to live a fulfilled life and to inspire, touch and move others to take actions to do the same.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • B.Pharm. (Hons)
  • Clinical Diploma Cert.
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Firewalk Trainer
  • Dip. Hyp. Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Member of the Association of Ethical and Professional Hypnotherapists
  • Accredited Professional Coach with the Rivas Palmer Foundation
  • Master Coach Training with Prime Source Training
  • Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy
  • Fear Elimination Therapist
  • Quantum Pain Consultant
  • Member of Rivas Palmer Foundation
  • Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
  • Professional Enneagram Profiler and Trainer

I hope you can join Deepak and myself on this jam-packed show that may be the precise steps you needed to take to unfold the life you truly desire.

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Host, The Consciousness Revolution Show


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