Food as Medicine

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“One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive.”

(Hieroglyph found in an ancient Egyptian tomb)

You’ve probably heard the mantra, especially by bodybuilders and fitness buffs:

“My body is a temple”

The reality is quite different. If we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’, then it begs the question why so many people treat their bodies like ancient ruins. The only preservation comes from the additives they guzzle down with the food and drink. For example, about 46% of men and women in England are overweight (BMI of 25-30) whilst 17% of men and 21% of women are obese (BMI is 30+). These rates increase exponentially with age. 76% of men and 68% of women aged between 55 and 64 are overweight or obese. The figures are much higher for the US.

During my formative years, we grew vegetables in our back garden. The only thing we added to the soil was water using a hosepipe. The local cats occasionally provided the fertiliser! Today, we have a special name for this kind of farming – it’s called ‘organic farming’.  The methods used for mass farming today usually involves vast quantities of insecticides, pesticides and chemical fertilisers. These kinds of farming methods are encouraged by national and international governments through subsidies, making naturally-farmed products relatively more expensive and difficult to reach for those with lower incomes.

If our bodies are truly a temple, then how do we use food as a way to revere our divinity? During my interview with Chrissy White on the Consciousness Revolution Show on Wednesday 9th March 2011, she will be revealing:

  • How food can be used to establishing your normal body weight
  • How to rejuvenate yourself and slow down the ageing process through food
  • How to be much more energetic through vital foods
  • How to remove the food barriers to raising your consciousness

If you wish to have your say or put your questions to Chrissy, then make sure you subscribe now. Just follow the links below.

  • Time: 8pm GMT (12pm PST, 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 12.30am IST)
  • Date: Wednesday 9th March 2011
  • Place: Online
  • Price: FREE!
  • How to join: Click here to get your free subscription to the Consciousness Revolution Show

See you then!

Harun Rabbani

Host, The Consciousness Revolution Show


Chrissy White has a remarkable record of transformational work with individual clients, featured in Vogue Magazine as ‘A Gift for Life’. She has a unique way for her clients to connect to their true purpose, passion and vibrant health.

As a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher of Meditation, NLP Practitioner and a Raw Food Consultant, Chrissy has a wealth of experience in the healing art. This whole way of life came about as a consequence of her own experience. All her life she’s had a passion for food, especially since  discovering how to eat raw living foods as a way to vibrant health and peaceful well being. This journey has evolved over many years. Chrissy has travelled extensively and studied the way that indigenous foods form a major part of natural healing techniques within ancient cultures, especially in The Pacific Islands and South America.

What she tasted and learned there changed her whole relationship with food. Even her love for chocolate has been transposed into love for raw chocolate, ’Food of the Gods’ and one of many powerful superfoods offered by nature to enhance our life experience. These are ‘lost crops’ from ancient civilisations, and include the highest natural source of vitamin C, a naturally low glycaemic alternative to sugar, and an extraordinary root to enhance virility and stamina.

By revealing the fascinating secrets behind foods cultivated and revered in some of the most remote areas of the world, she helps her clients to find their natural weight, develop clear complexions and radiance from within. Their energy levels increase significantly as many long term problems such as migraine, depression, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and chronic fatigue fade away.


Harun Rabbani is an author, broadcaster and specialises in individual and planetary transformation. His approach and style of scientific enquiry to his world-class guests in the field of science and consciousness allows the listeners of The Consciousness Revolution Show and the viewers of Revelations (soon to be released) to get solid understanding of their own personal journey in an easy and practical way.

He is a former British Kickboxing Champion, an internationally-travelled inspirational speaker and an award-winning trainer with qualifications in BA (HONS) Economics, sports psychology, NLP and is a Black Sash Kung Fu instructor.


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