Countdown to Coherence

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Whilst many speak about oneness and unity, there appears to be a big chasm between what is said and what is practised. As well as having many different religions who all claim to have the ‘truth’, the world of science is fragmented into separate disciplines who often clash more than agree.

The condition of humanity and our planet is such that separation is no longer an option on the table. Neither in science nor in belief systems. According to many eminent scientists, such as Dr Bruce Lipton, we are at the precipice of another mass extinction of the planet…unless we do something about it. This is precisely why, I’ll be interviewing Hazel Courtney about her latest book ‘Countdown to Coherence’ on Wednesday 16th March on The Consciousness Revolution Show. Hazel states that

“Coherence denotes ‘everything coming together as one’ and scientists have demonstrated that if we all want to become more enlightened in every sense of the word, then it’s crucial that we learn to become more coherent at every level of being.”

Do we need any other reason to here what she has to say? I think not.

Countdown to Coherence reveals the science based ‘G spot’ for true enlightenment. Controversially, she says it’s not the pineal gland. She also demonstrates how it may be possible to not only  travel in time, but also be  ‘re-incarnated’ at any period in time.

There are plenty of thought provoking insights into time travel, multiple universes, spontaneous healing, reincarnation, how to manifest miracles – as well as how it’s possible in scientific terms for objects to store information – which sensitive men and women can retrieve, hundreds or even thousands of years later.  Wow!

If you’d like to listen to this live interview, make sure you register with The Consciousness Revolution Show now. It’s free!

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

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