A Salad a Day Keeps Acidosis Away

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As humans our bodies are acidic by nature and alkaline by design. We can easily become over acidic as the standard western diet contains so many acid forming foods that are also addictive. Fast foods, sugar based snacks, dairy products, caffeine-laden drinks  and even some apparently wholesome foods can all add to the problem. The results are shocking as an over acidic body will display signs of being out of balance. Headaches, mood swings, being reactive and angry are all signs of overacidity, as are skin eruptions, digestive problems and aching muscles.

So where do we start to minimise the effects of too much acid in the diet? The balancing effects of more alkaline foods lead us to a calmer state, soothing the nervous system, relaxing us and enriching the tissues of the body

As someone who loves raw, living superfoods I understand the value of fresh green vegetables in my diet. I know that when I’ve eaten them I feel energised and alive. I also know that the feeling has a lot to do with the alkalising effect that fresh organic greens have on the body.

My guest this week is Andrew Bridgewater. Andrew is a real expert on the alkaline diet and lifestyle and we will be talking about how you can recognise foods that will help you to keep yourself in balance, minimising the effects of overacidity and increasing your alkalinity to prevent premature breakdown of your  bodies defense system.

I will be asking Andrew how he started to use alkaline foods to change his diet.

  • What the benefits are of eating more alkaline foods.
  • How his life changed as a result of his new eating habits

Andrew will also be discussing the biggest challenges most people encounter when making changes to their eating habits and giving tips on keeping things simple, along with  much more information.

Here are the details for the interview:

  • Date: Tuesday 5th April 2011
  • Time: 8 pm GMT (12 pm PST, 3 pm EST, 9 pm CET, 12.30am IST)
  • Place: Online
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  • Make sure you tune in!
    Chrissy White
    Host, The Gourmet Revolution



    Andrew Bridgewater is a UK Chartered Psychologist and alkaline lifestyle expert who lost 50lbs (3.5 stone or 22kg) in weight during 6 months of 2007 using the natural principles of alkaline health. Realising that he had an important story to share, Andrew published his first book: “The AV Diet” (The Add Vitality Way of Living) in 2008. He set up a business later that year and now works full time helping others to live with natural energy, vitality and great health.

    Find out more by visiting http://www.AndrewBridgewater.com


    Chrissy White is the presenter to a brand new programme that is part of The Consciousness Revolution Show series. She has a remarkable record of transformational work with individual clients, featured in Vogue Magazine as ‘A Gift for Life’. She has a unique way for her clients to connect to their true purpose, passion and vibrant health.

    As a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher of Meditation, NLP Practitioner and a Raw Food Consultant, Chrissy has a wealth of experience in the healing art. This whole way of life came about as a consequence of her own experience. All her life she’s had a passion for food, especially since  discovering how to eat raw living foods as a way to vibrant health and peaceful well being. This journey has evolved over many years. Chrissy has travelled extensively and studied the way that indigenous foods form a major part of natural healing techniques within ancient cultures, especially in The Pacific Islands and South America.

    What she tasted and learned there changed her whole relationship with food. Even her love for chocolate has been transposed into love for raw chocolate, ’Food of the Gods’ and one of many powerful superfoods offered by nature to enhance our life experience. These are ‘lost crops’ from ancient civilisations, and include the highest natural source of vitamin C, a naturally low glycaemic alternative to sugar, and an extraordinary root to enhance virility and stamina.

    By revealing the fascinating secrets behind foods cultivated and revered in some of the most remote areas of the world, she helps her clients to find their natural weight, develop clear complexions and radiance from within. Their energy levels increase significantly as many long term problems such as migraine, depression, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and chronic fatigue fade away.


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