The Fire within Gaia

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Finding out that 80 acres of the Amazon Rainforest are lost every sixty seconds 24/7, has certainly left an indelible mark on my psyche. The Amazon produces 40% of Earth’s oxygen and represents the lungs of this beautiful green planet.

The cause of such devastation? In part, due to natural causes. However, a greater role is played by the masculine-energy dominated patriarchal society that has infected Earth for the past 4,000 years. Mankind has become a cancer for Earth to the point that he has sold his own soul for a few pennies. Basing his current thinking and behaviour and outdated Darwinian theory that was extrapolated out of Malthusian theory between 1850 and 1870, Mankind has seized on any opportunity for outward expansion without a thought for the consequences of the actions.

So it was with a sigh of relief that I got to hear from some of the leading thinkers and community activists offer a real, tangible system of thinking, behaving and being during the Women on Fire conference in Westminster, London this weekend. Launching their inaugural conference at the very place that the Suffragettes first met and the United Nations, it was indeed a day befitting the beginning of a powerful organisation in the making.

During the conference, Dr Elisabet Sahtouris, provided a compelling case for moving from a competitive, dog-eat-dog world that we operate from to a cooperative and collaborative modality. Although limited in time, each speaker spoke volumes on the practical transformation of Earth. This ranged from peace initiatives to organic food in urban cities to replanting the rainforests. Founder of Women on Fire, Judith Seelig, is under no illusion. The depth and degree of undertaking required to shift us to a new era requires more than dreams and aspirations. Without practical grounding of the inspirational ideas and innovations arising from the Feminine Principle, they will be nothing more than that – ideas and aspirations.

Don’t be fooled for a moment. Mother Earth will survive the untold damage caused by her children. It is the us, Her children, who may not survive the damage. As Dr Sahtouris pointed out, we are a ‘desert-creating’ species. Maybe, if enough of us take the steps necessary, humanity may be saved.

Love and gratitude,


PS To find out more about the recent Women on Fire, please visit


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