International Unconditional Love Day

May 1, 2011 at 12:05 Leave a comment

Today, 1st May, is International Unconditional Love Day. Whilst many of us have experienced receiving love as long as we fulfilled certain criteria, how many times have we expressed our love to someone or something else with zero conditions attached?

In order to celebrate this most wonderful opportunity to experience and express unconditional love, we’re putting on a special one-off Consciousness Revolution Show today with interfaith minister, Alison Levesley, and Deanna Stone from

During this show, you will discover:

  • How we create barriers to love
  • How surrender brings us closer to love
  • How we can prevent ourselves from feeling increasingly distant to love as we mature
  • How parenting can be transformed through unconditional love
  • How we can build self-esteem and confidence through love
  • How love is the answer to the realisation to our true potential
Make sure you listen to the replay of the show by clicking right here now
Love and gratitude, 



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