Rebalancing planetary consciousness

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The trees of the world represent the source of our oxygen without which humans cannot survive. Whilst the Amazon Forest represents the lungs of the planet and the rest of the world’s trees combined cover 30% of land. However, Mother Earth is suffering from cancer by virtue of the fact we are losing 80 acres of Amazon Forest every minute of the day 24/7 365 days a week. At this rate, we will lose all of the world’s forests within 100 years.

The game that we have been playing for the past 4-5 millennia has led us to the point that we are facing a real threat of the sixth mass extinction, but the first one that has been created from one of its own species. This game is based on the foundations of a patriarchal system which enriches the few and impoverishes the masses. It was also reinforced 150 years ago by a theory of evolution put forward by Charles Darwin.

So what will happen if we continue down this path? What else other than our own extinction. Of course, if humans were removed from the planet now, the planet would flourish within 50 years. What a contrast! So the choice isn’t too difficult.

Join my interview on The Consciousness Revolution Show when I’ll be joined by social entrepreneur and environmentalist, Clare Dakin, to look real solutions to protecting the planet from ourselves. During this interview, you’ll find out:

  • Why women are leading the real shift in environmental rebalancing
  • How women wield much more power over global decisions than meets the eye
  • How the activation of feminine energy is needed for us to have a future on this planet
  • How to activate that feminine energy immediately – regardless of whether you’re a man or woman!
Make sure you register now to ensure you hear this live interview at 8pm (BST) on Wednesday 11th May 2011. Here are the details:
  • Time: 8pm British Summer Time (12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm CET, 12.30am IST)
  • Date: Wednesday 11th May 2011
  • Place: Online
  • PriceFREE!
  • How to join: Click here to get your free subscription to the Consciousness Revolution Show

See you there!

Love and gratitude, 



Clare is a passionate environmentalist, social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who believes in our ability to wake up and save the day. She brings 18 years of international experience within the personal growth sector, facilitating groups, coaching business leaders and creating change processes that lead to lasting shifts in behaviour. She is a Be The Change Symposium facilitator and freelance writer who worked for three years as the UK co-ordinator for a massive agro-forestry initiative in southern India called Project GreenHands (PGH) before initiating Tree Sisters. Through her work with PGH she has distilled the social mobilisation strategy deployed with great success in India, and now turns it towards the mobilisation of women within Tree Sisters. Clare has a long time commitment to the creation of balance and an ongoing interest in the Sacred Masculine and Feminine principles. She brings considerable depth of intuitive wisdom to the development of the Tree Sister map and campaign.


Harun Rabbani is an author, broadcaster and specialises in individual and planetary transformation. His approach and style of scientific enquiry to his world-class guests in the field of science and consciousness allows the listeners of The Consciousness Revolution Show and the viewers of Revelations (soon to be released) to get solid understanding of their own personal journey in an easy and practical way. He is also a founding member of the International Feminine Energy Congress, which is a forum for create better human understanding and for activating the creative and leadership potential that is known as feminine energy.

He is a former British Kickboxing Champion, an internationally-travelled inspirational speaker and an award-winning trainer with qualifications in BA (HONS) Economics, sports psychology, NLP and is a Black Sash Kung Fu instructor.


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