HOPE: Healing Our People and Earth

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In the history of Mankind, every now and again, master teacher appears who saves humans from that respective period of darkness. The teachers appear in different parts of the world propagating their message of love and unity. However, the human species has the habit of imploding on itself and making a mess of Nature and the planet in the process.

Today’s mess could be seen as much worse than previous times. For starters, the global population has never been so massive. People have lost touch with their nature and Mother Nature even more so. Most humans handed their personal power over to people outside of themselves. Consequently, those who have taken power for themselves have become corruptible and corrupted, whilst those who have relinquished their responsibilities have become little more than slaves to a system that will keep them in perpetual bondage.

Therefore, there is little surprise to discover that entire economies have been purposely brought to near bankruptcy in order for the ruling elite to take over and control even more. Greece has been steadily decimated to the point that, should it collapse, it may bring the Euro to an end.  Italy looks like it may follow suit. Both countries are experiencing turbulence in their national leadership and aiming to replace their leaders, probably with a member of the banking elite.

On the subject of humans moving away from nature, Natural News reports that there is  further evidence that microwave ovens are causing leaching of toxic substances into food. In fact, during two of my interviews in the past 18 months, two scientists hypothesised that, on consuming microwaved foods, the human brain reads that it is at the early stages of cancer. Even though, much more evidence is required to ‘prove’ microwaved food causes cancer, I am erring on the side of caution.

To say that humans are facing the most troubled times in its entire history, would be an understatement. This was an era that was predicted by numerous ancient wisdom keepers. It is because we are in the midst of our darkest hour, we now have a chance to shine the brightest. During my interview with Dr Jude Currivan, author and healer, she puts forward the case for a positively bright future. However, there is much healing that is needed for individuals, the entire species and Mother Earth.

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Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions


Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a cosmologist, planetary healer, international award-winning Hay House author, visionary and educator.

Growing up as the daughter of a coalminer, she is now based near Avebury, England. Jude has experienced multidimensional realities and researched consciousness, perennial wisdom and metaphysics since early childhood. She holds a Ph.D. in Archaeology at the University of Reading, researching ancient cosmologies and an Oxford University M.A. in Physics specializing in cosmology and quantum physics.

During a highly successful business career she obtained extensive experience in merging her intuitive gifts into practical and creative approaches for managing organizational and cultural change. Her corporate career culminated in her being the Group Finance Director of two major international companies and to her being in the early 1990s the most senior business woman in Britain.

In 1996, Jude was guided to take her work beyond the corporate world. In a well-grounded and accessible way, her work reconciles leading edge science, frontier research into consciousness and spiritual wisdom to explain and experience the emerging awareness of integral reality and is a leading pioneer of this revolutionary and empowering worldview.

Jude has also worked with the wisdom keepers of many traditions. She continues to lead groups on sacred journeys worldwide, including between 2001 and 2006 a series of pilgrimages to Egypt, South Africa, China, Alaska, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Easter Island, Hawaii, Britain and Israel. The revelatory and transformational experiences of these journeys are shared in her book The 13th Step (Hay House 2007).

In 2004 she completed her Ph.D. thesis entitled Walking between Worlds, an exploration of ancient wisdom teachings, the landscape embodiment of cosmology and the connection between people, the Earth and the wider Cosmos.

Jude is also the author of The Wave, (O Books 2005), The 8th Chakra (Hay House 2006), CosMos – a co-creator’s guide to the whole-world (Hay House 2008) co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo, and Heart, Mind and Purpose (Hay House 2008) a double CD of her teachings and attunements.

Her latest book HOPE – Healing Our People & Earth is published by Hay House 4th July 2011

Her books are already being published in over 25 countries and 15 languages.

Jude works worldwide aiming to empower others, raise awareness and facilitate practical and sustainable harmony, co-creativity and wholeness. In addition to her writing and healing work she speaks regularly at international conferences, leads workshops and appears on US and UK television and radio.

She was awarded the 2010 CIRCLE award by WON Buddhism International and sponsored by the United Nations, cited for her‘outstanding contribution towards planetary healing and expanding new forms of consciousness’ 


Harun Rabbani is the author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions, broadcaster and specialises in individual and planetary transformation. His approach and style of scientific enquiry to his world-class guests in the field of science and consciousness allows the listeners of The Consciousness Revolution Show and the viewers of Revelations (soon to be released) to get solid understanding of their own personal journey in an easy and practical way.

He is also a former British Kickboxing Champion, an internationally-travelled inspirational speaker and an award-winning trainer with qualifications in BA (HONS) Economics, sports psychology, NLP and is a Black Sash Kung Fu instructor.












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