Where have all the Heroes Gone?

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Bonnie Tyler sings,

“Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods?”

Perhaps she should have been asking:

“What kind of species have humans turned out to be that they send their greatest heroes to their deaths en masse?”

How is it that humans puts such little value on the lives of the most courageous and able bodied young men and women? Why is war the most covered news subject across mainstream media? Every year, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, millions across the world keep two minutes of silence in memory of those who died particularly during the First World War (1914-1918). This is known as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day. The First World War was supposedly the war that would end all wars. Twenty-one years later, a far more devastating war raged across the globe. Given the horrendous casualties such conflicts led to, logic would dictate that remembering the dead would perhaps slow down human conflict if not stop it all together. Not true.

World War I claimed sixteen million lives and left twenty-one million more were wounded. It was never going to be the war that would end all wars. The Second World War followed the World War I and involved numerous countries across the planet. Straight after that calamity a new military standoff, the ‘Cold War’, was borne out of competition between the USA and the Soviet Union, the repercussions of which are still felt to this day. Wars usually involved one community or group of communities accusing the other of one thing or another. Accusations are wide and varied.

For example, one nation armed to the teeth with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will accuse another country of possessing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or preparing to be a nuclear armed nation. One ethnic minority group who possess a small number of cows will accuse another group have different size herds that they are mistreating the first group. One religious group, believing they have chosen God’s path will claim they have more right over one piece of land than another group. So, they kill each other in the name of peace and in the name of God.

Clearly, there is deep-seated aggression embedded in the psyche of all human beings. Thankfully, this aggressive nature is not acted upon in most cases. Nonetheless, any experienced psychiatrist will tell you it is not too difficult to trigger such a highly aggressive human disposition. In 1961, Professor Stanley Milgram began a series of experiments to test the level of obedience volunteers would exhibit to an authority figure in inflicting pain to fellow humans. Milgram’s colleagues at Yale University were polled to establish what proportion of the volunteers would subject their targets to electric shock. The psychologists believed this would be an average of 1.2%. Numerous tests yielded similar results. The original experiment resulted in 65% of participants administering cruelty to other humans despite their deep conscience and regret.

Since the end of the Second World War, human civilisation has technologically advanced exponentially. Healthcare systems can now cure many more diseases, people live longer, personal wealth is greater and the public have global awareness thanks to the internet and the mobile phone. Surely, there should be fewer conflicts in the world? One would think so. In reality, humans have been at war with each other for 97% of the time in the last 100 years! According to official statistics provided by the SIPI Yearbook, the global spend on weapons estimated for 2011 was $1.06-1.449 trillion! That’s just the official statistics. The black market for weapons is possibly the biggest market for any kind of trade.

What is the motivation for taking the lives of so many men, women and children with little regret? Given the vast sums of money involved in the weapons industry, does it come as a surprise that the number one motivation for war is money? The so-called ‘Defence Industry’ does not work in isolation. Every conflict means significant damage to a countries industrial infrastructure, such as factories, offices, utility companies, government buildings, hospitals, schools and roads. Enter the building contractors, usually large developed countries. In addition, weapons do not pay for themselves. Enter central banks and merchant banks. These profiteers are collectively known as the ‘Military-Industrial Complex’.

The Military-Industry Complex are run by companies that are often larger than entire nations by GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Their owners are men who are part of the ruling elite and control the media, politics as well as world economics. During war, whilst the public purses are depleted of funds, these men get even more wealthy. Whilst the many dispossessed of their homes and businesses, the ruling elite amass vast fortunes. The desire for gaining more power and control far outweighs the respect for human life. In fact,  by virtue of their action, certain interest groups believe they are the ‘Chosen Ones’ and are much more superior version of the species. The ‘lower classes’ merely exist to serve their agenda and are, in essence, quite disposable. Profits rule and human lives are expendable.

The mass media are effectively the mouthpieces of the ruling elite. Propaganda is circulated at an alarming rate via newspapers, radio and television. The education system of most countries are blatantly one-sided. After all, is it not the victors who write history? What of their victims? Today’s modern political system is merely theatrics played by actors who are too ill-trained o be allowed onto the Big Screen. As politicians are funded mainly by corporations and private interest lobbyists, their pay mere lip service to ‘democracy’. Ostensibly, once in power, politicians serve the interests of their paymasters. This was distinctly demonstrated by Tony Blair and George Bush’s dogged determination to prove that President Saddam Hussein of Iraq was harbouring weapons of mass destruction. That was all they needed to invade and occupy Iraq. Needless to say, no such weapons were found with Blair still justifying his reasons for the aggression.

Not only do much of the media act as the mouthpiece for the ruling elite, they also use it as a recruiting ground for young people to join the military forces. It is these people who are sent out to war. It is these brave humans who also give up their lives for a cause they are unaware of. By bombarding the public with news that convinces the other guys are evil, the media effectively silence any voice daring to give a different perspective to government spin. But, hey! We must never forget that profits in our country are more important the loss of lives in others.

Edited excerpt taken from Harun Rabbani’s Shattering the Grandest Illusions. Published by House of Nu Rah Publishing.

© 2011 by Harun Rabbani. All rights reserved.



Having spent nearly a decade in the medical industry and a lifetime of exposure to religious and spiritual practices, Harun Rabbani turned his investigative mind to understanding the relationship between science, movement arts and spirituality. His research led to interviewing and meeting numerous global frontiers of science, spiritual practitioners, artists and other specialists in fields that can be classed under the term ‘consciousness research’. Shattering the Grandest Illusions is Harun’s first exposé on the truth that lie behind the deceptions, manipulation and exploitation of the majority by a few who choose to abuse their positions of power.

In 2007, as well as hosting his own show for BBC radio, Harun launched a series of interviews with experts in consciousness research, which included The Superhero Show, Dialogue with the Global Frontiers and its later incarnation, The Consciousness Revolution Show. Eminent guests included Dean Radin, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Judith Orloff, Manjir Samanta-Laughton, Rob Williams, Nassim Haramein, Alison Levesley, Konstantin Pavlidis and many other distinguished experts in human transformation.

As a researcher into Humanity’s evolution and its intricate connection to Mother Earth and the Cosmos, Harun shares his findings during live presentations at conferences in the UK and internationally. In an era of unprecedented uncertainty and chaos, he has become a collaborative partner with several enterprises that aim to bring better balance, harmony and coherence into people’s lives. His ongoing research can be heard on the interviews on Radio Nu Rah. Harun continues the movement work (Martial Arts, Ki Robics and yoga) and spiritual practice with experienced veterans, combining ancient secret knowledge with practical applications from cutting-edge scientific research.

Harun is optimistic about the future of Mother Earth and firmly believes that, to secure our place on this beautiful planet, we need to earn that right to stay here. The human species is the only known species that consciously seeks out to destroy each other. We have allowed ourselves to be led astray by getting entrapped by illusions that have been programmed into us from conception. If we are to win back our liberation and freedom from lifelong tyranny and personal suffering, then we must wake up from our deep slumber. Once we start the awakening, then we need to raise those around us. You are invited to join a new revolution…the consciousness revolution.


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