Life is a Synchrony

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Last night, I had the enormous pleasure of attending my friend Tamar’s birthday dinner. It was a small bijoux affair. One of the guests at the dinner was a lady I long admired, Marie Diamond, but had no idea would be attending the dinner. Many people will know Marie as one of the experts on The Secret. She was the one that I resonated with the most. She is also the one that makes most sense to me.


Let me explain how. When people approach their self-development they take one of three approaches:

  1. They turn to religion to connect with a higher source
  2. They work on developing their mind and body (personal development), or
  3. They work on improving their home, workplace and other aspects of their environment

Very few people integrate the development of all three areas. Therefore, they do not see results from their narrow focus. For example, many religious or New Age people are so focused on their spiritual development, they often neglect their personal growth on the human plane and often cite this as non-important. Their lack of integration, however, means that their spiritual development is limited dramatically.

Experiencing synchronicities are not purely the realm of mystics and spiritual masters. They occur when one takes the time and makes the effort to align mind, body and spirit with the environment. I have found experts in all these areas, except for the environment…until I found Marie, that is. She is a Feng Shui master and I plan to have her on as a guest of The Consciousness Revolution Show very soon.

Finally, when I was with Marie, I mentioned a friend of mine who she may wish to connect with as they both would gain massively.On the morning after, I emailed both Marie and my friend thinking that the latter would not notice the email because it was Sunday. Less than an hour later, I get a call from my very excited friend telling me how did I know that part of her vision was to connect with Marie. Well, I didn’t know that until she told me. The last bit of the synchronicity was when Marie adviced me that greater abundance would flow in the Year of the Dragon if I were to place a babbling fountain somewhere south in my house. After telling my friend this,  she was laughing. Would you believe that the grocer’s store where we do most of our vegetable shopping had a stock of miniature fountains that there were selling for a limited period? The mind boggles and I am grateful to Marie!

Have an amazing week ahead!


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