How the Birthplace of Democracy has been Decimated by Greed for Control

February 16, 2012 at 19:40 3 comments

The story of the crisis Greece has been undergoing is indeed a Greek tragedy of the utmost magnitude. As the birthplace of democracy itself, one would expect it to be fully honoured and supported by the world’s greatest advocates of democracies, such as USA, UK, France and Germany. How many UN resolutions have been passed and how many wars have bee fought in the name of democracy? Far too many for sure.

The very word ‘democracy’ comes from the Greek words, ‘demos’ and ‘kratos’, which mean ‘people’ and power, respectively. This form of governance, as distinct to monarchy, began in ancient Greece in 508 BC. As well as having the right to vote and to be protected by the laws of the land, being part of a democracy also meant being a responsible for maintaining civil society and being held accountable for the implementation of agreed policies. The consequences of failure were quite severe, including the death sentence for those who violated the democratic process.

Having citizens who were took that level of responsibility is not in the interests of politicians who have other vested interests in hurriedly passing new laws that served their paymasters. Such a form of democracy is a terrible threat to those who seek to control economies and nation states. Therefore, such politicians have been very busy dismantling democracy steadily over many decades. Most people will observe that no true democracy exists, except by name only. In the 2000 US Presidential Elections, George W. Bush became the President even though he was beaten at the polling booths by Al Gore! Bush won the elections again in 2004 even though John Kerry beat him at the polls! To call the electioneering in the USA a farce would be a total understatement.

In their desire to be part of the European Union money-train, Greece gave up its sovereign currency, the drachma, to join the Euro in 2001. The main aim of the European Central Bank (ECB) based in Frankfurt is to control the rate of inflation within the Eurozone. The reality is that whoever controls the Euro controls all countries and people who either use the Euro or whose own currency is pegged to the Euro. Moreover, whosoever owns and controls the ECB controls all the economies. The ECB is controlled by various national central banks of which some are privately owned such as the Bank of England.

The ECB requires all countries that have adopted the Euro to hand over their monetary control to the ECB. Effectively, it means that interest rates and tax policies for Greece is no longer under their control. Regardless of their regional difference in economic growth and stability, they cannot choose their own policies to support their country. Whilst it is true that the Greeks mismanaged their economy by creating a debt of 300 billion euros by 2009, how it managed to get so deep into the red has more than meets the eye. The Greeks are being burdened by debt that goes back decades whilst debts of countries, Germany in particular, are being ignored. Most appallingly, the US who happens to have the greatest debt of $15 trillion dollars, should be certified as bankrupt. Click this link to see the real-time US national debt. It will shock you!

Money, which I contend is the grandest of all illusions created by men, represents nothing more than debt. Money is not backed up by gold, silver, precious metals, jewellery or any other scarce commodity. Therefore, it has no value but the value that people place on it based on their own perceptions. Unfortunately, the corrupt Greek government have bought into the money game hook, line and sinker. Today, Greece is being made to take austerity measures in order to repay its debt. These measures include higher taxes, increasing the price of fuel, increasing the pension age so that the government don’t have to pay out pensions. These are the very reasons why the Greek people will be crippled even further.

So, if money is an illusions, then surely it cannot affect people in real terms, right? Wrong. The fact that an economy is based on debt, somebody owns the debt and somebody has to repay the debt. The owners of the debt are the banks and the ones who have to repay the debt are the public. As we all know, failing to keep up with repayments may mean you lose your home and other assets. In Greece, the rate of unemployment is 21%, youth unemployment is 48% (VERY dangerous), 1 in 5 people are living below the poverty line and the number of people calling the suicide hotline doubled from 2010 in 2011 to 5000 people.

What is going unnoticed is how the banks and corporations are buying up major assets like the Port of Piraeus. A number of German companies, such as Deutsche Telekom AG and Fraport AG, are going on a bargain-hunting spree and acquiring major stakes in important Greek companies. Greece has been offered an olive branch by Germany’s Merkel and France’s Sarkozy though. They will be allowed to borrow 130 billion Euros provided they spend it on German and French military equipment.

If, by now, people are not waking up to the reality of situation, then let me spell it out clearly. Corporations from banking sector and the Military-Industrial Complex are dictating economic strategies to governments. The people who vote in these governments have no say in the matter. What would a hungry, poverty-stricken and socially excluded Greek prefer – a bullet or bread? When corporations begin to control governments, such a regime is, by definition, known as a fascist regime. The European Union has been displaying such characteristics for several decades.

In the end, the birthplace of democracy has crumbled. Greek is no longer being ruled by democratically-elected government. It is being politically controlled by a government over 2,000 km away (1,300 miles) and economically destroyed by banksters 1,800 Km (1,100 miles) from their capital. Unless the global public address the issue of what democracy truly means as well as the power for corporations to control governments are immediately removed, then we may see the day that Greece, the Mother of civilisation and democracy, is nothing more than a distant memory in history books.

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions

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  • 1. janmoore6  |  February 16, 2012 at 21:09

    Harun, an excellent post and more evidence of the illusion and manipulation of the economy to control people through fear and addiction to money.
    What we need now is to come together to collectively work on a solution to the problem. More people are becoming aware of the real situation but as yet there is no clear solution or course of action to address it.
    The Occupy movement is a great example of peaceful resistance. More of us need to come together to develop a solution before frustration and fear erupt into more violence which only plays into the hands of the ones whose agenda is to control and enslave us.

  • 2. Exposeillusions  |  February 17, 2012 at 22:15

    Jan, thank you for your kind words. You are 100% correct that there is much more awareness of the money illusions, especially since the Occupy Wall Street movement took off last October. Sadly, but unsurprisingly, the mass media have barely covered these issues. We need many more of the 99.99% waking up to the reality of the situation as well as the reality of their true potential. When people reclaim their own power, then those who wish to control have little power left.


  • 3. Rots  |  February 18, 2012 at 10:31

    I support greece people fight back for jour freedom jou will not be accept to enslave.


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