Who Gave the Mass Media to Disrupt People’s Lives?

February 28, 2012 at 13:52 1 comment

A show of hands for anybody who believes the media are abusing their power?

Who gave the mass media, particularly the tabloids, the right to disrupt and corrupt people’s lives? We may never know how leading democracies in the world have got to the stage where journalists believe they are a law unto themselves. However, what we do know is that owners of major newspapers groups take it on themselves to decide what news the public are ‘allowed’ to access. The most infamous of such characters are Rupert Murdoch who is the owner of an army of journalists through his media empire, which includes Sky, the now defunct News of the World, Fox News in the US, Star TV (in Asia) and many, many more.

Once upon a time, the newspapers were independent of politics, yet since the election of Margaret Thatcher as UK Prime Minister in 1979, the press have been unashamedly partisan and biased in their reporting towards one of the three major political parties in Britain. The biggest shock came when traditionally pro-Tory newspaper, the Sun (owned by Rupert Murdoch), gave their full support to Tony Blair’s New Labour. Some may argue that such a turn of events ensured Tony Blair’s accession to power. After all, is it a surprise when the average daily readership of The Sun alone was 2.75 million people.

Most recently, the corrupt nature of modern journalism has been exposed by rival media businesses through the phone-hacking scandal that led to the eventual closure of the News of the World. Celebrities and non-celebrities lives have been devastated by the media who have no other objective but to stir things up so that their papers sell. Period. The timeline of  the phone-hacking scandal from the Independent newspaper is a shocking read. However, it creates a clear picture of the depth and breadth of corruption present in the British mass media. Thankfully, there is still some justice as the criminal behaviour of corrupt journalists are being dealt with by British courts. Earlier this week, singer and presenter, Charlotte Church and her family were awarded £600,000 in costs and damages, which the News Group Newspapers will have to bear.

The media are inextricably linked to corporate interests and are used as a mechanism through which to keep the public in a state of confusion and incoherence. A recent two-page article I read in the Daily Mail was lambasting nutritional therapy as a particular therapist was telling a client to cut down and out sugar from their diet as it creates acidic conditions within the blood. Had the journalist done their due diligence and carried out a thorough unbiased research, they would have discovered that there is a plethora of studies done to prove that cancer thrives in acidic conditions in the body. Of course, having a public that is disease-free and of sound mind does not make good sense to those who wish to ply fear or to make money off illness.

Where do the public go from now? Here are my tips for readers regarding the media:

  • If you do decide to delve into the mass media, question everything and be discerning. Critical thinking need not go the way of the dodo.
  • Instead of turning to the major news providers, find independent news providers that resonate with the information you want
  • The reality is: will reading or watching the news make a jot of difference to your life if you were to read it right now? The answer is probably ‘no’. Find something more creative or productive or even chill out!
  • If you are a newshound, then create your own news outlet via a blog or Facebook or Twitter. You will soon know if readers give a hoot about your information.

The mass media live in a world that believes bads news sells. The public live in a world where they are looking for ways to be happy and fulfilled. It is not a complex equation. The public must decide whether they wish for more fear in their lives or more happiness.

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions

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  • 1. slklesko  |  February 28, 2012 at 23:50

    Something I worry that critical thinking has already gone the way of the dodo… More happiness, less fear please!


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