A World at War

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Throughout the twentieth century, the world was at war at some level for 97% of the time. Yet, technological development and advanced communication systems would dictate that we should be able to come to diplomatic solutions very rapidly. So, why are there still so many major armed conflicts going on in the world?

Currently, there major news headlines about Iran going nuclear as well as the ongoing disasters created by US and its allies in Afghanistan and Iraq. None of these countries are manufacturers of armaments. The world’s biggest suppliers of arms are European countries and the US who happens to export half the supply of the world’s weapons. So, why are US, British and French politicians ranting about the rest of the world being dangerous due to their possession of weapons?

The answer is far more easier than meets the eye. War is BIG business. According to SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), US$1.5 trillion are spent on weapons every year. However, when the sales volume of the support industries (e.g. construction) that make up the Military-Industrial Complex are taken into, the arms related industry dwarfs the food industry, which is the largest according to Forbes magazine.

When the everyday man and woman takes a step back and sees war for what it is, i.e. a money-making scheme, then it is very easy to understand why conflicts happen in specific locations related to this agenda. When one group control the movement of money (to them), they have the ability to control people’s lives. If the masses make too much money through their own efforts, what can the ruling elite do? Easy. They raise taxes. In the UK, for example, after all the taxes are taken into account, the average income-earner pays more than 80% in taxes to the government. Put it another way, in a month of twenty working days, the average man or woman works for the British government for 16 days and a poultry 4 for themselves!

Back to war. The agenda behind war has and always will be money and power. I urge readers to do their homework. Pick a country that is likely to be pulled into war by the US and her allies either directly or via NATO. Then seek out the truth by researching the history of that country in relation to the US and allies. It will reveal itself sooner rather than later. The people who lead nations into war are the political elite. Question their motivation for leading the people into war. It is not their sons and daughters who end up in body bags. It is the children of the working and middle classes. It is time to wake up.

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions

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