Can we Invoke Peace at the London Olympics Opening Ceremony?

July 27, 2012 at 14:24 Leave a comment

One of the greatest revelations by two of my previous interview guests on The Consciousness Revolution Show, Dr Dean Radin and Lynne McTaggart, is the nature of collective prayer and intention. There is an abundance of data corroborating the real effects of the collective mind with a single coherent intention towards a particular population. There are also very few times in our lifetimes when so many people come together for the same cause. The Olympics is one of those causes and probably the biggest with an estimated 3.5 billion watching at any one peak time.

According to the Maharishi Effect, it takes the square root of 1% of the population to have one coherent intention to have a real, lasting effect on that population. Thus, to affect 3.5 billion people, all we need is 5,916 people having one coherent intention. What do you reckon would happen if everybody watching the Olympic Open Ceremony on TV tomorrow focused on two things that Humanity needs most – love and peace?

What if 1 in 3 of the people watching the Olympics tomorrow between 9pm and intended pure love and peace for every single person present at the Olympic Stadium? What if they felt the love and peace within themselves, how much of the rest of the planet would be affected now and beyond?

I have a request to make to you. From just before 9pm UK time, please build a deep sense of unconditional love (as you would with a newborn baby) and inner peace within yourself and intend it for those present at the ceremony. Make your intention most powerful when the big Olympic flame is lit. Your action does and will make a difference.

Love and gratitude,



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