Crimes Against God

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In 1979, my family moved to Oldham following my dad’s first entrepreneurial venture. As a Muslim child growing up in Britain, a full day at school would be followed with two hours at the local mosque where we were taught Arabic and Islamic culture. As a ten-year old inspired by the message of the Quran and the beautiful sounds of the recitation of the Divine poetry, I was keen on emulating the masters. However, little did I realise the physical abuse that would be meted out to me by the Imam at our local mosque. Why? Simply because I mispronounced one or two Arabic words whilst reciting to the teacher, which was neither my Mother tongue nor my adopted language of English. The whipping I was given on the souls of my feet make me cringe to this day.

I was informed by many sources that such violence no longer takes place at mosques in Britain. So you can imagine my horror on hearing the story of how Sara Ege beat her seven-year old son to death for making the same mistakes I made as a child. After months of violence towards her own child, she eventually killed him and then burnt his body to ‘hide’ the evidence. Although she has received seventeen years imprisonment, this does not take away the monstrosity of the tragedy. Click here for the full story.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of children are violated by their parents and guardians every year in the UK alone simply because of the violator’s distorted beliefs. All religions and spiritual systems are based on love, compassion and forgiveness towards others. However, religious and community leaders are very much accountable for their contribution towards their community. As far as I am concerned, if you are preaching anything, then ensure you are not doing it to instill fear, guilt and shame. If you are indoctrinating individuals towards what you believe is truth, then you are also accountable for their development.

None of this takes away the need for personal responsibility. The murder of any person is a crime against humanity, but the murder of a child because of one’s religious beliefs is a crime against God. Both the mother and the father of seven year old Yaseen Ege are equally culpable for his death. As the Muslim community is generally so tight knit, surely someone within the community should have spotted tell-tale signs long before the murder? How long can we continue being a society where we keep ourselves so isolated that such crimes go unnoticed before they take place?

Love, light and peace,

Harun Rabbani

Author, Shattering the Grandest Illusions


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