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The Lost Art of Critical Thinking

Human beings have one very important distinguishing factor from that of other mammals. We have the ability to make choices…consciously. Sure, animals make choices, too. However, their choices are based on pre-determined programmes that they are born with, which are then influenced by the environment they live in.

Humans also have the ability to make choices either through conditioning and programming or through a conscious process of critical thinking. The final decision is made with the heart, but for true staying power, that decision is made with the intuition. Unfortunately, I will go as far to say that over 97% of people’s thinking is based on predetermined patterns and programmes. Therefore, when a person thinks they are thinking consciously, they are, in reality, going through a pattern of thought based on their programming.

Critical thinking involves asking great quality questions that require some pondering and involves the use of all faculties beyond the five senses. For example, when looking at the vast volume of money (in the billions of dollars) spent on cancer research every year, one would imagine that cures, beyond chemotherapy and radiotherapy, would have been found for major cancers by now. Not so. Western medicine has an almost entire focus on fighting the symptoms than treating the causes.

A person who was utilising critical thinking would perhaps figure out that the pharmaceutical corporation whose sole purpose is to grow shareholder’s profits has no interest in eliminating a phenomenal cash-cow like cancer. It will also be obvious why politicians blatantly support and are supported by the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, a critical thinker would firstly investigate further into alternative routes to dealing with cancer as well as bring to account those who betray the trust of the public in order to protect the interests of corporations, i.e. politicians.

In the meantime, here is a short clip that you may find interesting on one ancient science that may begin to start shedding light on dealing with cancer…

For people interested in finding out much more on the work done by Marcus Freudenmann through his DVD documentary, Cancer is Curable Now, please check out the video by clicking this link: Cancer is Curable Now Trailer!

I leave you with this. The human race is going through a massive awakening in this period of our history. The awakening process is not optional nor is it difficult. Those who choose to take ownership of their right to use critical thinking, i.e. truly think and feel for themselves, will enjoy a smoother journey than most. I hope you are one such person.

Love and gratitude

Harun Rabbani


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How to Eliminate the Barriers to Love & How to Build Fulfilling Relationships

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”


On February 14th every year, millions of people celebrate Valentine’s Day. Regardless of its historical foundation, it cannot be argued that a huge number of people share in amorous love on that date every year. For example, fifteen million Valentine’s e-cards were sent in 2010 alone, which indicates a just the tip of the iceberg of a multi-billion pound industry.

Consumerism aside, what does this mean in reality? In my mind, this is an indication that the majority of people want to love and want to be loved. Yet, the levels of relationship breakdown and the decimation of the institution of marriage has never been higher than today. Join me during today’s Consciousness Revolution Show when I will be interviewing a professional therapist, Sara Ellis, about this very important matter. During the show, you will hear about:

  • What are the repercussions of relationship breakdown?
  • What are the causes of unfulfilling relationships and the breakdown that ensues?
  • Why people are binging on foods, such as chocolate, to avoid what they really want – sex!
  • How to eliminate the barriers to love?
  • How the simple tool of self-hypnosis can be a powerful aid in reclaiming love?

There will be these questions and many more that I will be putting to Sara Ellis during her live interview on The Consciousness Revolution Show. Join us…

  • Time: 8pm GMT (12pm PST, 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 12.30am IST)
  • Place: Online
  • Price: FREE
  • How to register: Get your FREE subscription to Nu Rah News and listen to The Consciousness Revolution Show

See you there!

Harun Rabbani

Host, The Consciousness Revolution Show and Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions

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Sara is a professionally qualified hypnotherapist and is a graduate of the National Centre for Eating Disorders being one of its most successful practitioners. She has studied with some of the leading experts in the field of hypnosis – Tom Silver and Paul McKenna – and is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy, one of the largest governing bodies in the world. Sara has worked with many hundreds of people since 2001 to deal with many mental and physical health challenges that have prevented them from developing.

Sara Ellis is based at the Orassy Kendron and also works at the world famous London’s Harley Street with clients varying from busy professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives to young children. Sara has been featured in a number of prominent national media such as the Daily Mail. Sara is available for consultation at the Orassy Kendron on 020 7517 9521 or by email on

© 2012. Harun Rabbani. The author gives full permission for the printing and publication of this article on condition that full credit is given to the author, including the website

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Information Overload: Humanity’s New Great Threat

Over the course of my interviews and meetings with eminent scientists and spiritual teachers, there has been one area of concern for humanity that they have voiced – Information overload. At the turn of the 20th century, the great scare was cancer. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, it was AIDS. By the 90’s, consumerism was the biggest dis-ease, particularly in the developed countries. Today, it is information overload.

From the moment that one wakes up, throughout the day and right up till bedtime, people are being bombarded with information, most of which is irrelevant. The alarm clock, mass media, billboards, TV, movies, corporations, newspapers, magazines and most invasive of the lot, the Internet. Although there are mechanisms for the conscious mind to filter out the peripheral stuff, the subconscious and unconscious mind receives the vastness of this information totally unimpeded. This leads to chaos and disorder in the energy matrix of individuals. This incoherence is leads to imbalance in the life state and the energy state. What does this mean? Individuals become much more prone to disease of the mind and disease of the body.

The media, politicians, Big Pharma and many other indoctrination institutions are fully aware of the dangers inherent with information overload. The more incoherent your energy, mind and body are the more you rely on outside intervention to keep you healthy and alive. However, there are a number of ways to counter such influx of information. Join me on The Consciousness Revolution Show on Wednesday 1st February 2012 with Marilyn Devonish. She is a specialist in information management and will be sharing how to positively exploit information in order to powerfully and positively accelerate how you learn, retain and remember information most beneficial to you. In the process, you will also learn to let go of information that truly does not serve you.

Here are the details:

  • Time: 8pm GMT, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 9pm CET, 12.30am IST
  • Date: Wednesday 1st February 2012
  • Place: Online
  • Price: Free of charge to subscribers. Click here to subscribe:

This is a must-attend show. Make sure you book yourself in and tell all your friends!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you will live forever.” Gandhi.

Love and gratitude,



Marilyn Devonish has been PhotoReading™ for over 10 years and completed her Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor Training with PhotoReading™ Creator Paul Scheele in March 2002.

As the founder of Tranceformations, Marilyn has worked with Schools, Corporations, Coaches, Consultants, Therapists, Students, Business Owners, Academics, people with Dyslexia and Dsypraxia, and even a team of Rocket Scientists, showing them how to more easily access their untapped potential, skills and capabilities.

She is also a Business Studies Graduate, holder of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Post Graduate Diploma, a Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy, Certified Life and Executive Coach, Management Consultant, and Practitioner of Huna, EFT, Reiki, Archetypal Profiling, Energetic NLP, and DNA Theta Healing.

In addition Marilyn is a public speaker, freelance writer, magazine columnist, and has featured extensively on TV and radio. With over 25 years industry experience Marilyn brings together a unique blend of business skills and cutting edge personal change technologies which creates a transformational and powerful learning environment.

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Why Don’t New Year’s Resolutions Work?

Every year, millions of people, in an effort to create a better life for themselves, make New Year’s Resolutions. According to research by ShareSlide, 52% of people are confident of success, yet only 12% actually succeed. So why don’t resolutions work for 88% of people?

The answers are manifold. First, the etymology of ‘resolution’ is ‘to resolve’ or ‘to dissolve’. This pressuposes there is a problem to fix in the first place. As the conscious mind is a mere 5% of the entire mind at best, the subconscious and the unconscious mind work become problem-focused instead of ‘solution-based’. Thus, changing the approach from ‘resolution’ to an ‘intention’, for example, is far more powerful in attaining one’s goals.

Second, having an intention (resolution) with the intellect alone is nothing more than wishful thinking. When one aligns their intention with positive thoughts/goal, feelings, intuition, the physical body and their non-judgemental, non-critical observer, the probability of success is infinitely higher. One of the common traits of the 12% who have been successful in realising their resolutions is having a powerful, systematic goal-setting system. One such system is known as the Massive Goal Principle, which was devised by David Hyner following more than 12 year’s of research into the thinking and behaviour of top achievers.

Third, another important reason why resolutions fail is that the human mind is feeble when it comes to changing habits. Habits are stubborn routines that do not like change. Whilst changing one habit is hard enough, most people try to change several in one go. The conscious mind can only focus on a few things at a time. Dealing with everyday life stressors AND changing one’s habits is a step too far. The probability of successfully changing habits increase significantly when they are done one habit at a time over a course of a year. It is better to work for 30 days at a time on changing from an old bad habit to a new empowering one.

Fourth, the power of language cannot be underestimated when it comes to making New Year’s Resolutions. Far too many people focus on losing or quitting something and then they wonder why they fail so gloriously. NLP practitioners will be more than willing to tell you that the subconscious minds does not operate on a negative system of commands. When a person tells themselves they wish to lose weight, they may go to sleep hoping and praying they will be slimmer. However, the powerful subsconscious mind is reminded it has a lot of weight and, consequently, goes to sleep as a fat person. Changing one’s language and self-affirmations to positive, solution-orientated goals increases the likelihood of attaining the goal.

There is much more that can be said about resolutions, but I wish to finish on one note. When one operates from a place of hopes, dreams and aspirations alone, they are more likely to be gullible to the many illusions created by society. The human mind falling foul to these illusions become enslaved. When one becoming more discerning about false beliefs that they have as well as the ones propagated by society, they are less likely to have expectations. The greater the gap between one’s expectations and REALITY, the greater the disappointment. It is not about changing one’s life that matters so much. It is about transformation and making a difference. One cannot hope to transform something if they do not know what that something is. Thus, I ask readers this: Get to know YOUR SELF. Gain knowledge and understanding of who and what you really are. Take the necessary action to align the faculties of your being/mind – your thoughts, feelings, intuition, physical body and your observer self. Then, one opens themselves up to becoming a centre for receiving vision. They become what is known as a ‘true visionary’.

“Know thyself and you will know the movement of the spheres and the gods and all the universes” Socrates (469BC – 399BC)

Harun Rabbani

Author of ‘Shattering the Grandest Illusions

Copyright 2011 by Harun Rabbani. All rights reserved.

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Vibrant Food

The first three shows have provoked a great response from listeners keen to raise their game when it comes to food choices. The overwhelming message is, ‘please give us more information on raw food’.

Well you know that raw food is my speciality and so this weeks show is dedicated to that very subject.

I will be talking about the extraordinary health benefits that come from building more raw food into your diet and sharing lots of tips on how to get started with simple, quick and delicious raw delights.

I will also be in conversation with Richard Havardi who is a real maestro with raw deserts.

Like me Richard has always had a passion for food and nutrition and is a firm believer in the value of a healthy diet for body, mind and spirit. He has been moving towards a raw food diet over the last year and is now setting up a raw foods business, which will initially focus on raw cakes and desserts made from the highest quality ingredients and superfoods. ….his Key Lime Pie is a dream come true!

In addition to all of this I will also be making two very special announcements, so please join me on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 at 8.00 pm BST
  • Date: Tuesday 19th April 2011
  • Time: 8 pm GMT (12 pm PST, 3 pm EST, 9 pm CET, 12.30am IST)
  • Place: Online
  • Get your FREE subscription to The Gourmet Revolution Show by clicking here now.
I look forward to your company!
Host, The Gourmet Revolution Show


Chrissy White is the presenter to a brand new programme that is part of The Consciousness Revolution Show series. She has a remarkable record of transformational work with individual clients, featured in Vogue Magazine as ‘A Gift for Life’. She has a unique way for her clients to connect to their true purpose, passion and vibrant health.

As a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher of Meditation, NLP Practitioner and a Raw Food Consultant, Chrissy has a wealth of experience in the healing art. This whole way of life came about as a consequence of her own experience. All her life she’s had a passion for food, especially since  discovering how to eat raw living foods as a way to vibrant health and peaceful well being. This journey has evolved over many years. Chrissy has travelled extensively and studied the way that indigenous foods form a major part of natural healing techniques within ancient cultures, especially in The Pacific Islands and South America.

What she tasted and learned there changed her whole relationship with food. Even her love for chocolate has been transposed into love for raw chocolate, ’Food of the Gods’ and one of many powerful superfoods offered by nature to enhance our life experience. These are ‘lost crops’ from ancient civilisations, and include the highest natural source of vitamin C, a naturally low glycaemic alternative to sugar, and an extraordinary root to enhance virility and stamina.

By revealing the fascinating secrets behind foods cultivated and revered in some of the most remote areas of the world, she helps her clients to find their natural weight, develop clear complexions and radiance from within. Their energy levels increase significantly as many long term problems such as migraine, depression, asthma, diabetes, arthritis and chronic fatigue fade away.

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International Unconditional Love Day

Today, 1st May, is International Unconditional Love Day. Whilst many of us have experienced receiving love as long as we fulfilled certain criteria, how many times have we expressed our love to someone or something else with zero conditions attached?

In order to celebrate this most wonderful opportunity to experience and express unconditional love, we’re putting on a special one-off Consciousness Revolution Show today with interfaith minister, Alison Levesley, and Deanna Stone from

During this show, you will discover:

  • How we create barriers to love
  • How surrender brings us closer to love
  • How we can prevent ourselves from feeling increasingly distant to love as we mature
  • How parenting can be transformed through unconditional love
  • How we can build self-esteem and confidence through love
  • How love is the answer to the realisation to our true potential
Make sure you listen to the replay of the show by clicking right here now
Love and gratitude, 


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Selling your soul to the devil

“It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” Niccolo Machiavelli

machiavelliBack in 2002/3, I was the top performer for a multinational medical devices company. However, I could never understand why my managers would try to manage me and my colleagues by using fear tactics. The biggest frustration for the managers was that those tactics didn’t work. So they tried applying even more draconian fear tactics to see if they worked.

Yes, I did work much smarter but not harder and I was also constantly insecure about losing my job. Working for such an organisation left my mind and body in a state of dis-ease. I’d taken several days off sick to recover from the emotional battering that was being given out.

Now you can imagine my relief when started to work in my own business in the middle of 2003. The immediate consequence of managing my own business was that I never needed to take time off for ill health. It was then that I understood that by running my own business I was more likely to have work practices with integrity and aligned to my core values.

Having worked with and within a number of large organisations, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions that may explain the behaviour of leadership and management. Firstly, through parental, peer group and cultural conditioning, managers understand the concept of ‘carrot-and-stick’ motivation. The idea is that people are either motivated away from ‘pain’ or motivated towards ‘pleasure’. However, as intelligent as our managers are, their actions are skewed much more towards using the ‘stick’ or fear approach. This is nothing new. Many religions have been using fear as a method of control for thousands of years.

Using ‘fear’ to motivate people is a short-sighted approach and usually proves expensive in the end. Managers have also tried the ‘carrot’ approach, too. So they may offer their high-performing staff benefits, bonuses, commissions and incentives in order to reward them. This is a much better and longer lasting approach and is much more ethical than the fear-based approach. Unfortunately, when in doubt, managers do default back to the use of fear. The results are clear for all to see. Nearly 80 million working days are lost every year due to sickness.

Given this kind of working atmosphere, is it a surprise that politicking is rife in offices across industries? The use of unethical practice and low conscious behaviour thrive in these offices where managers and workers pay lip-service to the team effort. It is more about boosting the ego and gamesmanship of who can have one up on the other. In such an environment, managers believe they have little choice but only to create teams that are composed of people who are clones of one another. Free-thinking and creativity is forbidden. Should you dare to raise your head above the parapet because you had the audacity to think outside the box, then expect to be shot down.

If you do wish to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of corporatocracy, then you may wish to read Machaivelli’s Prince,  a book about ruthless tactics on gaining absolute power and its abandonment of conventional morality. But if you wish to retain your sense of authentic Self, it may be wise to avoid getting caught up with such ambitions.

When companies are created, most start off small with good intention and a desire to make the world a better place. However, beyond a certain size, they seem to lose their raison d’être. Take a look at the fallout from companies in the energy, financial, food, pharmaceutical and many other sectors. Shockingly, some of the companies in these sectors are so powerful their influence is much greater than many nation states.

So we ask ourselves how we can improve our condition and that of the planet if one is stuck with an employer that uses low conscious motivation and unethical practice. There are many things you can do. The most important thing is to keep your own personal consciousness raised by not getting embroiled in these sorts of behaviours and attitudes.

A powerful way to ensure you retain some degree of spiritual connection to humanity is to invest 2-6 hours a week doing voluntary work with a local community project. That way, you get to keep your soul!

Ultimately, the most powerful way to retain and raise your consciousness and your integrity is to steer clear of low conscious organisations. Refuse to participate in their activities. Instead, find yourself an employer who is ethical and puts her customers first – that includes you, the internal customer.

Harun Rabbani

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