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The Pyramid Code Debunked

Traditional Egyptology insists that the ancients were obsessed with death and used slaves to build the pyramids as tombs. Yet, looking beyond the restraints of our own cultural lenses at the symbols on temple walls, the artifacts, and the architecture of the ancient Egyptians reveal a sophisticated science, star knowledge, and an orientation to high levels of consciousness.

During this Consciousness Revolution Show webinar, Carmen Boulter PhD will debunk the truth of the pyramids using new scientific theories that reinterpret the hard evidence of what ancients left painting a new picture of who the ancient Egyptians may have been and the knowledge they possessed.

During The Pyramid Code debunked we’ll also be joined by Konstantin Pavlidis and together from Dr Boulter, you’ll discover:

  • What the ancient pyramids were and were not
  • Who were their builders given technologies that existed then and today
  • How the knowledge gained from the ancients are vital for us to co-exist with nature, the environment, other humans and with our current technologies

This interview took place on The Consciousness Revolution Show on Wednesday 11th August 2010 . Here are the joining details for other such interviews:

You can hear more from Carmen during her presentation on the first International Feminine Energy Consciousness Congress on Friday 6th May 2011 in London. Click here for more details…


Dr Carmen Boulter of the University of Calgary in Canada is the creative fire behind The Pyramid Code DVD series. Carmen has had unshakable passion for Egypt traveling there twenty times since 1977. Through embassy support, approval from the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Minister of Defense, Carmen secured unprecedented access to sites and rare HD footage for this documentary.

Carmen Boulter has been teaching around the world for twenty years. She has worked for various Boards of Education in Canada as well as teaching workshops throughout North America. Carmen became a published author in 1997 with her book, Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, brought her much acclaim and she was on the international speaker circuit for many years. Carmen’s keen interest in ancient mysteries led her to lead international tours to Egypt, the Mediterranean, Peru and Bolivia.

Konstantin Pavlidis is a science educatorartist and metaphysicist who has worked in the fields of therapy, traditional medicine, healing, scientific research and the movement arts over the past four decades. He has created a number of teaching programmes in the areas of self development, therapy/healing and the performing arts. He has also taught these both privately and in various institutes throughout the globe. Some of these are Zen Essence Yoga, Kinesomasis, Dance Mastery and Choreosynthesis.

Konstantin has conducted research for movement, healing and meditation using a combination of mechanistic and Quantum-based devices for evaluations and data collection. He then used this knowledge and experience to create theatre and other artistic productions as the director of Unstructured Light . He is also working with scientists from various universities and institutes, such as Professor Konstantin Korotkov (Russia), Vadim Saidov (Germany) and Professor Martin Hewlett (USA). His area of specialisation is in exploring the unconscious mind during Altered States of Consciousness through healing, meditation, channeling and all forms of movement art. These include all performing arts, Tai Chi, Chi Gung, Martial Arts, Yoga, Shamanistic and spiritual practices.

His objective is to explore the effects of dynamic interactions which are aimed at raising awareness and transforming consciousness. All of these experiences have inspired him to develop the SCIARTMET Interface which he is sharing with people of all backgrounds throughout the world. The SCIARTMET Interface is the meeting point between ScienceArt and the Metaphysics in life and can be described as aThree Way Relationship or Trilogy. It is a vehicle from and through which the interconnectedness of all phenomena may be discovered, explored and integrated.


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