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Untangled FM celebrates its First Birthday!

Dear friends,

Many of our subscribers will be aware that back in 2009, I started this blog and began interviewing some of the greatest minds in science, metaphysics, creativity, therapy and healing. Then, in March 2012, we launched a brand new internet radio station called ‘UnTangled FM‘ with a team of new presenters. Today marks the first anniversary of our launch. Instead of making lots of noise about, our team is getting on with researching and bringing even more wonderful guests to the show. As a way of celebrating, we will be sharing some amazing gifts with all our subscribed listeners every month for the rest of 2013.

First up, we are sharing a gift for holistic professionals who are making a difference to the lives of the many. These include healers, therapists, experts in holistic and alternative healing modalities, movement practitioners (Qi Gong, Yoga, etc), coaches and mentors. The gift is this: complimentary access to the LightWorker Magic live webinar on Thursday 18th April 2013. Click here to find out more and to book your place now. To get access, make sure you type in ‘Birthdaygift‘ where it asks for the Promotional Code, then click Apply. In the meantime, check out the introductory video here:

More gifts are on the way to subscribers every month.

Love, light and blessings,



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The Power of Women

It seems like my continual support for women to step up into their true power is certainly not a lone voice. Here is a presentation by His Holiness Dalai Lama which all men and, especially women need to watch. Here is a true spiritual master who shares a genuine interest in both science and spirituality to explain the condition of humanity and our planet. Enjoy the video!

Love and gratitude,


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528 – The Sacred Number for the Love Revolution

If an extra-terrestial being was to arrive on Earth today, it’s summation would be straight forward. The world is experiencing a massive revolution. For decades, corporate giants, the Military-Industrial Complex who profiteer from war, Big Pharma who profiteer from the sick and the dying, oil companies who have been raping the planet’s resources, the Banksters who have a stranglehold on world economies and their henchmen and political puppets have brought our planet to the brink of final collapse.

There are very few experts in the world who are as knowledgeable and researched on the planet’s most urgent problems than Dr Leonard Horowitz. His books, talks and interviews have been controversial, to say the least, and have certainly had a huge impact on entire nations as he has taken on the worst perpetrators of the crime of trying to dumb down the consciousness of our species. During this interview with Harun Rabbani, Dr Horowitz will be revealing one of the most revolutionary findings that may just have the answer to Humanity’s greatest problems – Love is the answer and Dr Horowitz has got the evidence to back it up. This is a must-attend live interview. No matter where you are in the world, you have the opportunity to put your question to him and hear his answers live.

Put your questions to Dr Leonard Horowitz about The Book of 528 and more by filling in the question form in on UnTangled FM website. Here are the details:

  • Time: 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm BST, 9pm CET, 11.30pm IST
  • Date: Monday 23rd April 2012
  • Place: On the web on

Make sure you join us for the live show!

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Host, The Consciousness Revolution Show


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The Lost Art of Critical Thinking

Human beings have one very important distinguishing factor from that of other mammals. We have the ability to make choices…consciously. Sure, animals make choices, too. However, their choices are based on pre-determined programmes that they are born with, which are then influenced by the environment they live in.

Humans also have the ability to make choices either through conditioning and programming or through a conscious process of critical thinking. The final decision is made with the heart, but for true staying power, that decision is made with the intuition. Unfortunately, I will go as far to say that over 97% of people’s thinking is based on predetermined patterns and programmes. Therefore, when a person thinks they are thinking consciously, they are, in reality, going through a pattern of thought based on their programming.

Critical thinking involves asking great quality questions that require some pondering and involves the use of all faculties beyond the five senses. For example, when looking at the vast volume of money (in the billions of dollars) spent on cancer research every year, one would imagine that cures, beyond chemotherapy and radiotherapy, would have been found for major cancers by now. Not so. Western medicine has an almost entire focus on fighting the symptoms than treating the causes.

A person who was utilising critical thinking would perhaps figure out that the pharmaceutical corporation whose sole purpose is to grow shareholder’s profits has no interest in eliminating a phenomenal cash-cow like cancer. It will also be obvious why politicians blatantly support and are supported by the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, a critical thinker would firstly investigate further into alternative routes to dealing with cancer as well as bring to account those who betray the trust of the public in order to protect the interests of corporations, i.e. politicians.

In the meantime, here is a short clip that you may find interesting on one ancient science that may begin to start shedding light on dealing with cancer…

For people interested in finding out much more on the work done by Marcus Freudenmann through his DVD documentary, Cancer is Curable Now, please check out the video by clicking this link: Cancer is Curable Now Trailer!

I leave you with this. The human race is going through a massive awakening in this period of our history. The awakening process is not optional nor is it difficult. Those who choose to take ownership of their right to use critical thinking, i.e. truly think and feel for themselves, will enjoy a smoother journey than most. I hope you are one such person.

Love and gratitude

Harun Rabbani

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Human Rights & Micro-Finance

It’s quite amazing that one of the greatest human rights inequalities that most people don’t consider as a violation of human rights is abject poverty. Creating a world where there is true human rights, justice and peace requires taking real action at the grass roots levels. During Divine Conversations, radio host, Alison Levesley interviews Professor Julia Hausserman about her work with Rights and Humanity, a charity supported by patrons, HH Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dadi Janki and several other internationally renowned leaders. During this interview, Professor Hausserman shares how she has successfully led her organisation through the path of peace ‘development’.

This interview was followed by Dr Phyllis’ Social Enterprise Hour and her guest, Tom Sanderson, CEO of Five Talents Micro-Finance. Tom explains exactly how micro-finance is critical in lifting people into a state of self-sustenance. Given the financial mess that the global banks and governments have created, perhaps micro-financing could be the answer to lifting people out of financial crises in the Western world. You can listen to the replays of both interviews on


Harun Rabbani

Founder, UnTangled FM

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The Fight for Africa

In December 2008, I had the opportunity to visit a part of Africa with a team of people for a school-building project in Sierra Leone. At that time, Sierra Leone was the 179th out of 179 in the United Nation’s Human Development Index. (Since then, they have added more countries to their list.) In other words, Sierra Leone had the worst levels of poverty, life expectancy, infant mortality, etc. Given its many natural resources, technically it should be the richest country in Africa. During my two weeks stay there, I noticed the proliferation of Chinese and Arab businesses that were running operations and hiring local people. It seemed like, where the West has failed Africa and treated it like a charity case, the Arabs and the Chinese were finding ways to exploit the resources that seemed to be mutually beneficial to the locals and to the foreign businesses.

As an economist, I realised how interesting it was that the Chinese were expanding their wings relatively unnoticed whilst benefiting millions of Africans. Without a shadow of doubt, handing out food and money weakens people’s ability to create their own fortune. (Dealing with a humanitarian crisis such as famine is a different matter.) On the other hand, giving people the opportunity to create their own wealth (not just money), leaves people with better choices and, consequently, more empowered. Therefore, it cannot be argued that enterprise is far more productive and supportive to Africans than charity.

However, I wondered how would the rest of the West, especially the US empire, deal with the rapid expansion of the new super-power in waiting, China. The Cold War that involved the West and the Soviet Bloc pointing nuclear weapons at each other, like two five-year old boys playing cowboys and Indians, was a disastrous failure. Nonetheless, I couldn’t see how the US will sit back and allow China to grow in stature. As the self-appointed international police force, the US needs something to police. To create law and order, they need to chaos and disorder. Africa, having been continually torn apart by civil war (funded by the developed countries), famine, disease and serious communications and technological infrastructure, is the perfect place for the US-led police force to create a base.

On the 5th March, one of the most powerful viral videos in YouTube’s history was uploaded by a charity known as Invisible Children who work with children in Uganda. The objective of the 30-minute video was to highlight the plight of children particularly in Uganda who have been abducted to work as prostitutes and child soldiers. Within one week, the video had been viewed by 76 million times.

The story that unfolds in the video makes for chilling viewing and certainly pulls on viewers emotional hot-buttons. So, is it a surprise that so many people are backing their cause. However, it’s time to back up. In essence, the film-makers are asking for the US government to send in troops to hunt down Joseph Kony, the rebel leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, for his crimes relating to child abduction. Kony certainly needs to be brought to justice without a doubt. However, given the massacres caused by the Ugandan President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, why is the latter hailed as a new breed of African leader? He is praised for his compliance with the IMF Structural Adjustment. Museveni has now been the longest-standing leader in Africa and is associated with many humanitarian violations. Why isn’t he being questioned for his crimes?

On the face of it, Kony 2012 looks like a good cause. Heck, even I posted it on Facebook when I first watched the video. However, the reality is that it is a totally and utterly massive smokescreen to smooth the way for US forces to enter more African territories on false pretences. Don’t believe me, remember the WMD that was alleged to be in Iraq before the US and British led invasion? How about the lies and deception about 9/11 so that forces can get into Afghanistan? This has led to thousands of young men dying in the name of their country, including six British troops last week. Of course, it makes the mind wonder what colonialists think will happen if innocent children and civilians are massacred as happened on Sunday 11th March 2012 in the Kandahar province. Here’s a video that may help to raise more questions about the idea of more American troops stepping onto foreign soils:

Was is big business. Let me emphasise the point – it is a ‘business’. Those who gain are the Military-Industrial Complex, including the banking sector. Civilians who die in the process are nothing more than fodder or euphemistically called ‘collateral damage’. It is time people began to mature emotionally so that they can stand back and look at the reality of the situation by observing the whole picture and not just one that has been financed by Hollywood (and now by millions of generous donors across the planet). War has NEVER been the solution to conflict. The only people war serves are those who have a financial interest one way or the other. I do not have enough of my questions answered to conclusively state if the charity, Invisible Children, have a genuine interest in the plight of children. But I certainly know that for them to ask for the support of foreign military on African soil is either incredibly naive or incredibly deceitful. In the end, just like how it was concluded that WMD were not in Iraq, the truth about Kony 2012 will reveal itself.

The fight to save Africa is nothing but a stand-off between China and the USA. China has its terrible human rights records, whilst the US has its empire-building agenda at the forefront of its mind. In the end, African men, women and children seem to be a convenient excuse for both empires to use for their own selfish gains. They also are fully aware that the greatest economical and technological development gains in the coming decades will arise from Africa. Therefore, they will use and have been using any means necessary to economically invade Africa. The Arab Springs was a prelude to what is to come. All I can wish for is that the public to realise the geopolitical games being played out by the illusionists. No amount of oil, diamond, gold or land can ever replace the life of a single person. It is time to wake up to that reality.

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions

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How Women Hold the Real Answers to the World’s Crises

The current condition of the planet is, at the very least, dire. At worse, some may argue that the human race are at the brink of destruction. None of this happened overnight. The world economic crisis was already on the cards long before the financial collapse of 2008. Countries like Greece are being slaughtered by the corporations via their paid servants, politicians and mass media. The consequences are massive levels of poverty, unemployment and disenfranchisement.

After 4,000 years of male dominated society, it is all too clear that patriarchal rule is a failed experiment. I am not suggesting that matriarchy has all the answers either. Nonetheless, there is much that can be learnt from both ancient history where matriarchy was predominant as well as from Nature. Nature, follows universal principles that lead to Natural Law. For the past 4,000 years, human society has been striving to move away from nature in order to build community. This process was called ‘civilisation’. There is a reciprocal correlation between civilisation and nature. The more that society became civilised, the further removed it was from nature.

Image courtesy of Clare Dakin of

In the classical languages such as Latin, Greek, Arabic and even French, the words ‘Cosmos’ ‘Nature’ and ‘Earth’ are given the feminine gender and often referred to as  ‘Mother Cosmos’, ‘Mother Nature’ and ‘Mother Earth’. And, for good reason. Mother Cosmos gave birth to all that is manifest in the Cosmos. Mother Nature gave birth to Natural Law. Mother Earth gives birth to all provisions  (with the notable exception of light from the Sun) required by humans and other sentient beings to live. The Mothers nourish, nurture and give the vital ingredients for the growth of their children. After a certain time of undergoing this process of creativity within the womb of the Mothers, birth takes place. This process is known by Taoists as the ‘Yin’ process.

The yin represents the feminine energy, whilst the yang represents the masculine. The yin is symbolic of the unseen process of creativity. The yang symbolises the manifestator and the manifestation, i.e.  Creator and the Creation. Whilst the yang is what is seen, it only represents a very tiny fraction of the balance between itself and the yin. For example, in the process of human procreation, a man may have sex and impregnate a woman in matter of minutes or even seconds. This represents the yang element. The zygote, which then becomes an embryo is nourished, nurtured and receives life force comes through its mother over a duration of 40 weeks. This period of time is the yin period and it becomes the yang at childbirth.

The role played during this time by the masculine is minimal. After birth, the mother continues the process of feeding, nourishing and nurturing the child. She collaborates with the father to raise the child for a certain period of time. In Nature, the father becomes a protector of the mother and child as well as the provider of food, water and shelter to the nursing mother.

The principles of nurturing, protection and collaboration are imbued in the cells and the genetic coding of women. Competition is more prevalent in men and is as a by-product of them moving away from their own nature. Society has been falsely manipulated into believing that permanent competition is a good thing and that survival of the fittest will decide on who deserves to have it all. After all, winner takes it all, right? Wrong. According to the work of eminent evolution biologist, Dr Elisabet Sahtouris, competition is present in nature at the earliest stages of its development. For example, think of how lion cubs play fight. However, as the species matures, it becomes much more collaborative and co-operative. In order to maintain survival of the lion pride, for example, the lionesses will often hunt in packs to have a joint feast. Unlike the human species, it will kill according to how much they need to eat.

In order to rebuild a society that is co-operative and collaborative and seeks to nurture all, we need consider many options. However, there needs to be a total paradigm shift from patriarchal, survival of the fittest mentality as a starting point. Women who are already in places of power need to consider the incredible gift they have within and how they can tap into such innate abilities to begin the transformation process. Women like Lisa Clapier of the Occupy Wall Street Movement have demonstrated that the point of protesting is not about ‘Us against Them’, but the corporation between all humans in a joint purpose of growth and evolution. Women like Mother Teresa created teams of women whose service was to a higher purpose than the profit-motive. The results of her work speak for themselves.

I am a man. I do not have all the answers, but I do know where the majority of the answers to our greatest questions will come from. It is from women. This article is not a case against men. It is a case for a re-evaluation and redressing the power wielded and given by the two genders of the same species. Should humanity continue its route to control, manipulation, deceit and greed, an ultimate disaster will not be such a remote possibility. Should humanity shake itself up and wake itself up, then perhaps it will be given an opportunity to move away from survival alone in order to thrive and flourish. Will we really allow ourselves to forget that without the Mothers, we cannot exist?

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions

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© 2012. Harun Rabbani. The author gives full permission for the printing and publication of this article on condition that full credit is given to the author, including the website

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