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Untangled FM celebrates its First Birthday!

Dear friends,

Many of our subscribers will be aware that back in 2009, I started this blog and began interviewing some of the greatest minds in science, metaphysics, creativity, therapy and healing. Then, in March 2012, we launched a brand new internet radio station called ‘UnTangled FM‘ with a team of new presenters. Today marks the first anniversary of our launch. Instead of making lots of noise about, our team is getting on with researching and bringing even more wonderful guests to the show. As a way of celebrating, we will be sharing some amazing gifts with all our subscribed listeners every month for the rest of 2013.

First up, we are sharing a gift for holistic professionals who are making a difference to the lives of the many. These include healers, therapists, experts in holistic and alternative healing modalities, movement practitioners (Qi Gong, Yoga, etc), coaches and mentors. The gift is this: complimentary access to the LightWorker Magic live webinar on Thursday 18th April 2013. Click here to find out more and to book your place now. To get access, make sure you type in ‘Birthdaygift‘ where it asks for the Promotional Code, then click Apply. In the meantime, check out the introductory video here:

More gifts are on the way to subscribers every month.

Love, light and blessings,



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Get your copy of ‘Transcending the Grandest Illusions’

The world has gone mad! Correction. Humans have gone mad! No other species causes so much self-destruction, decimation of its environment and ruin to its own species. The good news is that there are an increasing number of people who do love, care and share with those around them. Isn’t it time we started expanding the circle of such conscious people?

Transcending the Grandest Illusions CoverIn ‘Transcending the Grandest Illusions’, readers will discover the ten grandest illusions that have taken humanity and our planet to the brink of destruction. The balance can only be redressed by individuals who step up to the plate in their lives and take charge of their own lives before they inspire others to do the same. In ‘Transcending the Grandest Illusions’, readers will also learn about ten of the most transformative practices to switch their life from being deluded by the plethora of illusions. Furthermore, the ten solutions also aid practitioners into stepping into their own brilliance.

Great news! I am giving away half of the book away as a pdf file for all subscribers to The True Spiritual Gatherings. Click here to get your copy now. You can get the full version for £1.02 in the UK and $1.60 in the UK. More details can be found here:

Love, light and blessings,


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How Eugenics Still Lives On…

Eugenics is the practice of consciously eliminating humans from a community because of ‘defects’ such as disabilities, sexual orientation, race, religion and so on. It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people and traits, and reduced reproduction of less desired people and traits. It was developed by the cousin of Sir Charles Darwin and another of Queen Victoria’s knights, Sir Francis Galton.

It was championed by the USA in the early 1900s, but was completely discredited after it was used widely by the Nazis during World War II to murder many thousands of people from ethnic minorities in Germany and Europe. However, there was shocking revelations that the Eugenics is still alive and kicking. Watch this episode of Breaking the Set from RT news for more…

Stay blessed,

Harun Rabbani

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Awakening the Thousand Goddesses

As per my previous post on the Power of Women, it is truly amazing to see how women are uniting to create the changes needed to shift the state of humanity and our planet. On Saturday 7th July, 100 inspired women will be descending onto London’s Brickhouse to celebrate the feminine energy and to share ways in which they are transforming the world. Here are ten of the discoveries they will be making when they attend the Summer Goddess Gathering:

  1. How to heal the Divine Feminine
  2. How women are our greatest hope for re-establishing balance to Mother Earth
  3. How women can only influence planetary change by clearing, cleaning and aligning their own feminine/masculine energies first
  4. How to access the lost ancient matriarchal wisdom to transform Humanity
  5. How to build the relationships that matter the most
  6. How to align the head, heart and sexual energy to step into your authentic self
  7. How to express your authenticity with integrity and power
  8. How to successfully propagate your message with Grace
  9. How to enhance your femininity and vibrancy through the food you eat
  10. Why and how it is important for women to succeed in business and enterprise

To find out more about the Summer Goddess Gathering and to book, please visit:

Love and gratitude,


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The Power of Women

It seems like my continual support for women to step up into their true power is certainly not a lone voice. Here is a presentation by His Holiness Dalai Lama which all men and, especially women need to watch. Here is a true spiritual master who shares a genuine interest in both science and spirituality to explain the condition of humanity and our planet. Enjoy the video!

Love and gratitude,


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528 – The Sacred Number for the Love Revolution

If an extra-terrestial being was to arrive on Earth today, it’s summation would be straight forward. The world is experiencing a massive revolution. For decades, corporate giants, the Military-Industrial Complex who profiteer from war, Big Pharma who profiteer from the sick and the dying, oil companies who have been raping the planet’s resources, the Banksters who have a stranglehold on world economies and their henchmen and political puppets have brought our planet to the brink of final collapse.

There are very few experts in the world who are as knowledgeable and researched on the planet’s most urgent problems than Dr Leonard Horowitz. His books, talks and interviews have been controversial, to say the least, and have certainly had a huge impact on entire nations as he has taken on the worst perpetrators of the crime of trying to dumb down the consciousness of our species. During this interview with Harun Rabbani, Dr Horowitz will be revealing one of the most revolutionary findings that may just have the answer to Humanity’s greatest problems – Love is the answer and Dr Horowitz has got the evidence to back it up. This is a must-attend live interview. No matter where you are in the world, you have the opportunity to put your question to him and hear his answers live.

Put your questions to Dr Leonard Horowitz about The Book of 528 and more by filling in the question form in on UnTangled FM website. Here are the details:

  • Time: 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm BST, 9pm CET, 11.30pm IST
  • Date: Monday 23rd April 2012
  • Place: On the web on

Make sure you join us for the live show!

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Host, The Consciousness Revolution Show


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Is Cancer Curable?

Cancer still stands as one of the top killer disease in the Western world. In 2008, 850 people were newly diagnosed with cancer every day, which amounts to 30,500 people for that year. Worldwide, there were 12.7 million new cases in 2008 and it is on the increase. In 2009, it was reported by The Guardian that 10,000 people needlessly die due to late diagnosis. Despite the billions of pounds pumped into cancer research every year, cures seem to elude the modern medicine. Where does all this money go? Why have they not found a cure to cancer?

It’s time to investigate. On Monday 26th March 2012, I will be interviewing Marcus Freudenmann about his DVD documentary, Wake Up Cancer is Curable Now, which he made over several years interviewing scientists, doctors and numerous professionals about possible solutions to curing cancer. I will be asking Marcus questions such as:

  • Why is the pharmaceutical industry having trouble finding cures?
  • Why are there so many cynical people who totally denigrate anybody who claims they have a cure?
  • What is the history behind cancer cures?
  • What is the cause of cancers?
  • Where does the Law stand regarding cancer cures?
  • What cures has he discovered that are viable?

There will be many more questions plus listeners questions being put to Marcus during The Consciousness Revolution Show live at 7pm. Tuning in is very easy. Here are the full details:

  • Time: 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 2pm EST, 8pm CET, 12am IST
  • Date: Monday 26th March 2012
  • Place: On the internet anywhere in the world –
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Registration: NONE. However, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Fact: one in three people will be diagnosed with one form of cancer or the other within their lifetime. Therefore, there is a very high probability, you will personally know somebody with cancer. We have a stark choice – bury our head in the sand and hope it goes away or find a peaceful, non-aggressive means of dealing with cancer.

Love, light and peace,

Harun Rabbani

The Consciousness Revolution Show


Marcus Freudenmann is the founder of maxAwarness, EQ Acadamy as well as the director and producer of “Wake-up Cancer is curable Now”. Marcus has a Master Degree in Architecture and Interior Design. After years of successfully working as a self-employed Architect he gave up his profession to follow his life long passion to study the mind. As an accomplished scholar of the Vedic sciences he has acquired an in-depth understanding of the universal laws governing the mind and body. Over the past 5 years he has become an expert in the field of emotional intelligence. Marcus is dedicated and enthusiastic about resolving stagnant belief systems or emotional pattern through knowledge and insights.

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