“Harun has a gift asking questions to elicit the most intriguing answers from guests at the cutting edge of Consciousness science. Nassim Haramein put complex quantum physics principles in a format that enabled people to ‘get it’ and more importantly how people can apply the principles to their own life. This timely interview, with planetary, global and economic changes, is a must see for anyone wanting to know how to survive the future and excel beyond their wildest dreams – this is the Science of manifestation at it’s most scientifc! Wonderful stuff!!!”

Gina Pickersgill, England Virtually Spiritual Solutions

“What a fantastic host you are Harun! In this age of information overload, it takes something pretty compelling to both engage and sustain my interest, but your Consciousness Revolution show did it!

From your initial eloquent summation of the world today from a consciousness perspective, right through to the questions you were asking guest Larry Crane, I was all ears.

Larry was a great guest to have on and I enjoyed learning more about The Release Technique. An almost ridiculously simple concept that’s easy to understand and apply. Look forward to your next show and also to hearing more from Larry when he returns in October.

P.S. I did have a chuckle to myself this morning wondering how many of your listeners were walking around today going, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!”

Amanda Dakini, England

Listening to Conciousness Revolution show has effectively brought a change in my thoughts, action and the way I look at the world. The tranformation from desires to our inner discoveries resulting in immense satisfaction is beyond expression. I recommend listening to Consciousness revolution Show to everyone here: To set yourself free, to unwind your own strengths and energies. It is a great opportunity to listen to the scientists, experts, mystics, philosophers and best of all wonderful people. Their scientifically proven theories reassure your believe in oneself and reassure your beliefe in your inner strengths. I am glad someone has taken up this social responsibility for a Consciousness Revolution. Harun, I applaud your efforts.

Love and Light,

Preeti Sharma, India Dream Attire


I first knew Harun as an interviewer on Human 2.0 (The Consciousness Revolution Show) and took to his kind, non jargonistic style. He always came over so interested and genuine.

Last night he was interviewing Bruce Lipton and he brought out a professional, top class humdinger interview. I can truly
recommend all you busy Ecademists to put an hour aside and listen to the replay. Harun allowed Bruce to reveal more of himself than the standard take – ie epigenetic scientist. So he has a true ‘new’ interview.

Harun’s desire to engage, play and contribute comes over in everything he does. His generous spirit lays a great platform for anything he gets stuck in to. I appreciate knowing him.

Jackie Mackay


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  • 1. FB  |  May 24, 2010 at 15:07


    I have not listened to the show yet, but I am very interested in doing so, I have done a lot of research lately into this whole idea and awoke to the realitys of life over a month ago, it was a spiritual awakening where I understand comlex situations easily, I was working for a top corporate firm and have decided to leave my job to set up a global charity spreading love and happiness to people all around the world.

    As bob marley said “Light up the darkness” theres far too much hate in the world, positive energy will always prevail!

    Peace and love,



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