Question Everything

Question Everything

I think I must have hit a raw nerve after blogging yesterday. As well as getting a positive message from one person, I got one harshly negative message from a person I’ve known for a few years. Given that she responded to my post on the resignation of a cardinal, I guess she did not like me questioning the integrity and authority of the Church. Of course, she may have been upset with my blog on the destructive nature of banks as, by the looks of her own blog, she is pleased with the British banking system particularly her local Bank of Scotland. I am sorry. I am not impressed about the behaviour of the banks nor will I stay silent about it.

Part of enjoying the human experience is to see both the positive and the negatives in all sides of life and be grateful for both. Otherwise, we have a lob-sided affair with what we call reality. Linking arms and singing Kumbaya is all well and good, but ignoring the less tasteful side of human nature is lunacy. Our greatest gift is to be able to apply critical thinking in all aspects of life. In other words, we have the ability to question everything and everyone in a civilised and constructive manner. When we embrace all aspects of life, we are balanced and in harmony. When one chooses to have a lob-sided perception of things, do not be surprised when they scream and shout when they hear that there may be another version of reality that does not correspond with theirs.

My intention with this blog site (‘Expose Illusions’) is to share some of the questions and findings around how humans are and can be. The idea is to question everything. I also have a different blog, which focuses on sharing ideas and ways of becoming healthier in our mind, body and spirit. Expose Illusions is a hard-hitting blog, whilst True Spiritual Gatherings is much more gentle, but please expect me to continue to question everything. I opt for staying awake!

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The Most Senior Member of the Catholic Church in Britain Admits Sexual Misconduct

Cardinal Keith O'BrienOk, we are used to hearing about the perversions and the sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church, but when one of the most senior members of the Catholic Church is forced to admit to sexual offences, questions need to be asked. I have one. Had the three priests accusing of Cardinal Keith O’Brien not stepped forward, then Cardinal O’Brien would have been 1 out of 115 cardinals as part of the papal conclave who vote in the new pope. How much more corruption will the Catholic Church allow before they address its fundamental causes?

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The Destructive Nature of Banks

When a member of the public gets in trouble with their debt-repayments, they risk losing their home and any other assets bar the clothes on their back. When a small business is unable to repay its loans and debts, it will go out of business sooner rather than later. In fact, many of the established businesses such as Woolworths, HMV and Blockbusters have either gone out of business or are hanging in there by a thread.

However, the rules are completely different for the banking sector. Last week, the Royal Bank of Scotland, which was bailed out in 2008 and is 81% controlled by the British government, announced a loss of £5.17 billion pounds. Much of this loss was based on the corruption that is inherent in the banking sector. There is a game of money-making that takes place between banks called the ‘Libor‘ (London Interbank Offered Rate). Not satisfied with the excessive hyper-profits they already make, the banks lend money to each other which then affects a section of the public population. In 2012, a number of banks, including RBS, UBS and Barclays, were caught trying to fix the Libor rate. The fine for attempting to fix the inter-bank lending rate, Libor, knocked £381m off the bank’s profits.


RBS has taken a charge of £700m in the year for money it expects to have to pay out to cover mis-selling interest rate swaps. It also took a £450m charge in the last three months of the year to cover mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance, taking its total provision to £2.2bn. Despite all this, RBS set aside £215m to pay bonuses to its investment bankers.

Why is it so important for our banks to be transparent and in truth? The banking industry has managed to position itself as the most influential segment of the economy on the lives of the masses. There behaviour has a direct effect on our quality of life, local, national and international economics and the future of our planet. The behaviour of the banksters are taking humanity to the point of self-destruction with only a tiny minority having the wherewithal to survive. It is about time the banks were held to account and their puppets, our so-called ‘elected representatives’ (politicians) also need to be held to account for allowing the mass corruption to continue.

Click here to see a video by called ’12 Banks of Death’ from The Truth Seeker on It will give you more insight into the dangers posed by the banking sector to our species.

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Harun Rabbani


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Get your copy of ‘Transcending the Grandest Illusions’

The world has gone mad! Correction. Humans have gone mad! No other species causes so much self-destruction, decimation of its environment and ruin to its own species. The good news is that there are an increasing number of people who do love, care and share with those around them. Isn’t it time we started expanding the circle of such conscious people?

Transcending the Grandest Illusions CoverIn ‘Transcending the Grandest Illusions’, readers will discover the ten grandest illusions that have taken humanity and our planet to the brink of destruction. The balance can only be redressed by individuals who step up to the plate in their lives and take charge of their own lives before they inspire others to do the same. In ‘Transcending the Grandest Illusions’, readers will also learn about ten of the most transformative practices to switch their life from being deluded by the plethora of illusions. Furthermore, the ten solutions also aid practitioners into stepping into their own brilliance.

Great news! I am giving away half of the book away as a pdf file for all subscribers to The True Spiritual Gatherings. Click here to get your copy now. You can get the full version for £1.02 in the UK and $1.60 in the UK. More details can be found here:

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How Eugenics Still Lives On…

Eugenics is the practice of consciously eliminating humans from a community because of ‘defects’ such as disabilities, sexual orientation, race, religion and so on. It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people and traits, and reduced reproduction of less desired people and traits. It was developed by the cousin of Sir Charles Darwin and another of Queen Victoria’s knights, Sir Francis Galton.

It was championed by the USA in the early 1900s, but was completely discredited after it was used widely by the Nazis during World War II to murder many thousands of people from ethnic minorities in Germany and Europe. However, there was shocking revelations that the Eugenics is still alive and kicking. Watch this episode of Breaking the Set from RT news for more…

Stay blessed,

Harun Rabbani

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Crimes Against God

In 1979, my family moved to Oldham following my dad’s first entrepreneurial venture. As a Muslim child growing up in Britain, a full day at school would be followed with two hours at the local mosque where we were taught Arabic and Islamic culture. As a ten-year old inspired by the message of the Quran and the beautiful sounds of the recitation of the Divine poetry, I was keen on emulating the masters. However, little did I realise the physical abuse that would be meted out to me by the Imam at our local mosque. Why? Simply because I mispronounced one or two Arabic words whilst reciting to the teacher, which was neither my Mother tongue nor my adopted language of English. The whipping I was given on the souls of my feet make me cringe to this day.

I was informed by many sources that such violence no longer takes place at mosques in Britain. So you can imagine my horror on hearing the story of how Sara Ege beat her seven-year old son to death for making the same mistakes I made as a child. After months of violence towards her own child, she eventually killed him and then burnt his body to ‘hide’ the evidence. Although she has received seventeen years imprisonment, this does not take away the monstrosity of the tragedy. Click here for the full story.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of children are violated by their parents and guardians every year in the UK alone simply because of the violator’s distorted beliefs. All religions and spiritual systems are based on love, compassion and forgiveness towards others. However, religious and community leaders are very much accountable for their contribution towards their community. As far as I am concerned, if you are preaching anything, then ensure you are not doing it to instill fear, guilt and shame. If you are indoctrinating individuals towards what you believe is truth, then you are also accountable for their development.

None of this takes away the need for personal responsibility. The murder of any person is a crime against humanity, but the murder of a child because of one’s religious beliefs is a crime against God. Both the mother and the father of seven year old Yaseen Ege are equally culpable for his death. As the Muslim community is generally so tight knit, surely someone within the community should have spotted tell-tale signs long before the murder? How long can we continue being a society where we keep ourselves so isolated that such crimes go unnoticed before they take place?

Love, light and peace,

Harun Rabbani

Author, Shattering the Grandest Illusions

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How Corrupt is Your Country?

Anti Corruption in IndiaGreat news! In the early 1990s, I read an article in the Sunday Times which pinned Nigeria and Pakistan as the most corrupt countries in the world. How things have changed! They are both neck and neck with having less corruption than 32 other countries according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index for 2012. Their study measures the public sector corruption on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (highly clean). Denmark, Finland and New Zealand come joint first place as the least corrupt countries in the world, yet UK and USA do not fare as well coming 17th and 19th respectively.

There are no two ways about it. Not only does corruption destroy lives and communities, it threatens the stability of entire nations. As two thirds of countries score below 50, they conclude that we have a serious global problem at hand. The suffering of humanity is severely exacerbated by corruption, which includes an increase in poverty, disease and hunger.

The current economic crisis that many countries, such as Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, are hit by with full force are as a result of corruption at work within the public sector of the respective countries, the European Union and a collapse in  the public’s confidence in institutions and corporations. The numerous protests, demonstrations and civil unrest taking place these aforementioned countries may just be a prelude to civil war thanks to governments doing too little too late. Compassion is replaced by corruption. Unity has been replaced by greed. It is time for individual members of the public to reclaim their power that they unwittingly handed over to people who have little interest in the welfare of the public.

Love and gratitude, 

Harun Rabbani

Author of ‘Shattering the Grandest Illusions’

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