The New Story Begins

In 2009, when I set up this blog, I had a vision to write a book that would help provide an understanding for the transformation of humanity. I am delighted and excited to announce that I am part way through writing that book now. The title is exactly how I intended – ‘Human 2.0 The Consciousness Revolution‘.

If you have any comments or points you feel need addressing, then please let me know.

Love and gratitude



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The Five Agreements with Don Miguel Ruiz

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Dumbing British children with Ritalin

RitalinThe writing has been on the wall for a long time. Ritalin, an anti-depressant widely used in the USA, is now getting prescribed by British physicians as if it is going out of fashion. There has been an 50% of so-called ‘ADHD’ drugs to dumb them down from  hyperactivity. There are, of course, non-drugs alternatives such as behavioural therapy that works far better. Nonetheless, what better way to prepare children for lifelong dependency on anti-depressants. I’m sure the fact they are major cash cows for the drugs makers has got nothing to do with its increase! What does Ritalin actually do? It acts as a dumbing mechanism for children particularly this new generation who are naturally super creative and who cannot help but rebel against the status quo. Once again, the public and the mainstream media are giving it little attention. Of the attention given, will it be soon forgotten whenever the next piece of sensational news comes out? I hope not. Click here to read what the BBC are saying. In my book, Shattering the Grandest Illusions, I lay out the case for not using Ritalin. For now, I urge readers to do their own research and share it especially amongst parents who may unwittingly confine their children to a life of mediocrity instead of brilliance. Love, light and blessings Harun Rabbani Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions Shatter-3D-Book-coverL

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Swimming with the Loan Sharks

WongaA piece of advice if you are considering swimming with sharks:

Make sure you are on guard all the time and, preferably, within a caged environment. Also, do not even consider going anywhere near the shark without supervision of an experienced shark expert.

Oh! Did I say ‘shark’? I meant ‘loan shark’. The desperation to make ends meet in the UK has risen t such high levels that people are taking unnecessary risks by applying for even small loans. UK’s most famous site, Wonga, seems to be advertising everywhere using cuddly old pensioners (puppets) to entice victims’ softer side. No the wonder they are heavily advertising. Wonga charge 4,124% APR. Fact: borrowing £100 at Wonga’s APR costs more than the US national debt (over $14 trillion) after 7 years!

Money inherently has no value. There is no gold backing up any currency. Therefore, the only value money has is perceived value, which is totally subjective. Should people’s perception change, then money will be worth no more than the cost of the paper it is printed on.

The majority of people have become money or wage slaves by getting into debt to repay the mortgage or to cover the cost of living. Prior to the expansion of easy credit in the 1980s, it sufficed to have one breadwinner in the household to cover the mortgage and living costs. The change in the financial system made it easier to borrow money and borrow money we did.

Consequently, more and more people began buying things they could not afford with their existing wages. Demand for products rise and, when the supply cannot keep up with demand, the price of these products rise. This is exactly what has happened to the property industry. In many parts of the UK, it is impossible to get onto the property ladder without having two wage earners.

The rise of the payday loan sharks coincides with one of the deepest recessions. Resorting to borrowing money out of desperation is a sure-fire way to get into debt that will sink you. Money is one of the grand illusions that have trapped billions of people into merely surviving. Forget thriving. It is time to take stop, breathe and take stock. The loan sharks do not force people to get into debt. Individual consumers make that decision for themselves.

However, if you have found yourself caught up in the debt trap with a payday company and have a complaint, then turn to the Financial Ombudsman. Between April and June 2013, 72% of the complaints have been upheld. Complaints can be made to the Financial Ombudsman Service consumer helpline on0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567 or emailed to For further advice on payday loans, you can also turn to the Citizens Advice Bureau and get in touch with the Money Advice Service for money management advice.

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani

Author of Shattering the Grandest Illusions



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What is the true meaning of war?

ApotheosisWhen I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr David Hawkins, we discussed how in the 20th century, there was war taking place in some place somewhere in the world 97% of the time. Despite all the technological advances and the rising level of human consciousness, we have been at war for 100% of the time in this century. The corporate-owned media behave more like mouth-pieces for those who gain most from war.

Let’s get one thing right. War is a business. Governments who purport to be propagating freedom and democracy by invading sovereign nations have no intention of liberating those whose land they occupy. In fact, their own country is far from democratic or free. What democracy exists are token gestures to appease the public. The people who gain most from war are the Military-Industrial Complex and Central Banks, which are all owned by a small group of industrialists.

If you haven’t seen the movie, Zeitgeist, then I urge you to watch it as it explains the nature of money creation excellently. War is the most expensive business any government can partake in. The money to pay for war comes from the public via loans from Central Banks (owned by private individuals). Your money feeds the war machine  with all the devastation they cause. Last year $1.7 trillion dollars in 2012 particularly by the USA, China and Russia. Today’s latest British news include the killing of three British soldiers in Afghanistan, bringing total British soldiers killed to 444 since 2001 when the allied forces invaded the country. Of course, the statistics for civilian lives and casualties are far greater in number. These people whose lives are taken by militia are called ‘collateral damage’ just like some kind of minor side effect of war. The reality is that most wars lead to the deaths of far more innocent men, women and children than soldiers.

I have wracked my brain on many occasions on whether any military is needed at all. I wish it were the case that humans were evolved enough to live in peace without the threat of conflict. In reality, every country does need to have some form of military on standby perchance some lunatic or groups of lunatics decide to threaten nationals. Humanity’s collective consciousness is still not high enough to avert such dangers with diplomacy. However, when a government is controlled or even owned by corporations, especially from industries that profit from war-mongering, then the probability of war is very high.

Solutions? Perhaps we need to revisit our definition of democracy. Who is the government accountable to – the people or corporations? Are the transactions, activities and sponsors of politicians transparent to the public on a daily basis? How long do we wish to tolerate fear-mongering by politicians, the media and those who are in places of power?

The greatest solutions will not come from those who are already running an old corrupted and corruptible system. The change that needs to take place must come from oneself. We must questions our own modus operandi and ask questions such as:

  • “Do I operate from a place of fear or a space of lovingness and compassion?”
  • “Am I driven by past conditioning and programming or am I heart-centred?”
  • “Am I taking orders from my head or listening to my intuition and following my heart?”
  • “Am I authentic, transparent and working from integrity?”
  • “What am I doing to make a difference to the lives I am touching right now?”

These and many more questions need to be asked of oneself. What is the point of replacing one corrupt leader with someone else who is corruptible. I am sure the vast majority of those who end up in positions of power probably had very good intentions at the beginning of their life journey. There is no doubt that we need to change from within before we expect others to change. War is not going to go away too soon. The people who propagate it have far too much invested in conflict to give it up without a fight. However, we can and we will replace the war-mongers one funeral at a time. Even they cannot live forever. The challenge is to replace our leaders with those who are lovers of peace, balance and harmony.

Love, light and peace, 

Harun Rabbani

Author of ‘Shattering the Grandest Illusions’

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No Fluoride Rap

How amazing is it that at the same time I was blogging on how to remove sodium fluoride from the body that a friend of mine from Portland starts sharing his rap on fluoride on YouTube. Bizarrely, neither of us knew that the other was working on sharing this message – him through his music and me through my book, Shattering the Grandest Illusions. Check out this video…


Love, light and blessings,

Harun Rabbani

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Untangled FM celebrates its First Birthday!

Dear friends,

Many of our subscribers will be aware that back in 2009, I started this blog and began interviewing some of the greatest minds in science, metaphysics, creativity, therapy and healing. Then, in March 2012, we launched a brand new internet radio station called ‘UnTangled FM‘ with a team of new presenters. Today marks the first anniversary of our launch. Instead of making lots of noise about, our team is getting on with researching and bringing even more wonderful guests to the show. As a way of celebrating, we will be sharing some amazing gifts with all our subscribed listeners every month for the rest of 2013.

First up, we are sharing a gift for holistic professionals who are making a difference to the lives of the many. These include healers, therapists, experts in holistic and alternative healing modalities, movement practitioners (Qi Gong, Yoga, etc), coaches and mentors. The gift is this: complimentary access to the LightWorker Magic live webinar on Thursday 18th April 2013. Click here to find out more and to book your place now. To get access, make sure you type in ‘Birthdaygift‘ where it asks for the Promotional Code, then click Apply. In the meantime, check out the introductory video here:

More gifts are on the way to subscribers every month.

Love, light and blessings,


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